Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I usually write about my trail running adventures and occasionally some randomness that comes to mind. Lately, my mind has been nothing but pure mush. Our training group has moved into Phase 2 of our training and one would think I'd be progressing and getting stronger and although I probably am to a degree, with the lack of sleep my house has been facing lately, I feel like I am regressing. It isn't pretty.
You always think that the body has to be strong to propel you through training runs but in reality, if your mind isn't 100% "there" that training is not really going to be effective in the long run. The past month and more recently in the past few weeks, Vans and I have been averaging anywhere from 2 to 4 hours of sleep a night. We had more sleep when the Peanut was a newborn as opposed to now. The Peanut is going through a difficult phase that involves being awake for long stretches at night. For example, last Friday, she didn't go to bed until 6:15 am Saturday morning (yes, read that again). Monday she woke up at midnight and went to bed at 5 am which means this trailmomma did not GO to bed until 5 am. Ouch. So you can tell, I am exhausted both physically and mentally. We took the Peanut to see her doctor to get the "ok" that there is nothing physically wrong (i.e. her ears checked out just fine). The advice we were given was to invest in some ear plugs and let her figure out how to get herself back to sleep. In our small thin walled house that is a painful situation for all. We're working on it. Babysteps.
In the midst of all this sleeplessness though I am continuing on with my training. Sunday's plan called for a 4 mile easy jog or walk. I honestly didn't think my legs would cooperate based on how they felt after Saturday's intense run. However, Sunday's weather was even better . . .  it was 65 degrees maybe even 70 when I hit the bike path. First time in a long time I wore just shorts and short sleeves! The run? Well the first 3 miles I was cursing and hobbling a bit but then the last mile all the pain and stiffness disappeared and I felt great. I even squeaked out a faster pace turning onto my street. I am learning that if I sit in front of my tv at night in the pidgeon pose my IT band feels wonderful the next day. However I can't really get up from said pose but that is what Vans is for right?
Last night the schedule called for a 5 to 7 mile recovery run. My morning runs are nonexistent these days for obvious sleepless reasons so I had to wait until the evening to do this one. Mondays are tough though as that is normally Vans's day to also workout and so consequently, I did just the bare minimum of 5. My body was forcing me to stop which really started to annoy my mind. My mind wants to keep going my body does not. It is like Ying and Yang and it is really beginning to piss me off. Ah well, one bad week won't hurt. What is hurting however is the fact the my scale is going up up up. Lack of sleep = emotional eating = me carrying some extra weight for WTC and AR50 which is so not cool. I need to re-evaluate my diet and put down the Swedish Fish candy. Just because I run lots of miles does not give me the green light to eat (and drink) to my heart's content. Told you, sometimes I post about complete randomness. I blame lack of sleep. That's my story and I am sticking to it.

one tired peanut heading to daycare

one equally tired (err puffy?) trailmomma


  1. Oh I can so sympathize with those days!!! Our kids are older now (8, 12) but they were both sporadic sleepers at an early age. Lots of waking, restless nights. Even though we "taught" them to sleep through the night early on, there were some nights when they seemed to be up a lot. Good luck and I hope you don't fall asleep on the trail.

  2. I don't know how you are doing these runs on so little sleep! I'm getting 8 hours a night and am still feelin' it! Sunday's 4 were very creaky and difficult. Yesterday I did all 7, but did have to stop and stretch out the hamstrings more than once. I'm happy to report that the IT soreness is gone, without even having to do any crazy yoga move. But I'm sure it'll be back soon... Saturday?

  3. You poor thing. I don't know how you're doing it. If I don't get 7-8 hrs of sleep I'm useless.

    I too love the pidgeon pose, it is the best. And I too am watching the scale creep up, wuz up with that? This week I'm really trying to watch what's going in the mouth.

    Hang in there girl! We will survive WTC!