Friday, February 19, 2010


No. Not of the 'illegal plant variety' more like the ones seen here on Shut Up and Run's Blog. With the American River 50 miler looming in front of me, I seriously need to revamp and reconsider my musical options for those 50 miles. Some new ear buds that actually fit and fit comfortably would be super nice! Puh-lease Beth sprinkle some magic random integer crap fairy dust on me!!! Send me some lurve!!!

I also have to add, this trailmomma will be "back in business" soon as Vans and I finally made the plunge and purchased a new home computer! Woot Woot. It took me two weeks to get him into the store, now it will probably take me two weeks into nagging him to actually hook it up.

Last night we received a very lengthy email regarding our Saturday (NOT) Western States Training Run. I reviewed this email with Vans and received raised eye brows and a bit of an evil eye (if men knew how to do evil eyes) when I told him it looks like we'll start running at 9 am which means in theory I am looking at being done at about 1:00 pm. If you add in a stop at Taco Tree with the group and the drive back to Sac from Auburn . . . I am potentially getting home close to 3:00 pm . . . (eye brows raised right about here).

I tried giving him a list of things he can do with the Peanut while I am gone to entertain her and pass the time but with the rain threatening above his options are fairly limited. I told him my secret rainy day trick, which she happens to love (as do I), is a trip to Borders . . . she LOVES books and the kids section of Borders is usually torn apart already so it doesn't look like your child did it (score).

I hope he takes me up on my suggestion because the last time I left Vans up to his own devices . . . the Peanut almost got her drivers license.


  1. Oh she is definitely not too young to drive :) Thanks for the shout out to my giveaway. Hope you win. REALLY!

  2. Isn't the kids section in Border's great?! I love the fact that it's already in disarray. Not that I have any little ones to take there anymore, but if I did, that's where I'd be on a rainy day!!

    Hope you win! I haven't checked out the giveaway yet, so I may want em too. So we may be dooking it out!

    Have a great run tomorrow.


  3. Common Vans, you can entertain the Peanut at Borders for 7 hours... it'll go quickly!

  4. Peanut looks like she could run trails with you but I am sure Borders is gonna be great also especially if she gets to drive. She looks so cute in that picture.

  5. One more thing about earbuds. RunningAhead had a discussion about those: hope that helps a little.

  6. Hi there! I am a new follower and also a gluten free mama! What do you eat on a run or to prepare? I am not big on GU or the like and am looking for a recipe to make my own bars or something to take with me on longer runs.
    Your daughter is just adorable! Good luck on your upcoming 50!

  7. Hi AngieB! Thanks for following! I am still playing around with foods that sit well in my stomach during long runs. On my runs that are 3+ hours I have been drinking Vanilla Ensure as I find that it sits well and digests well. During my long runs boiled potatoes with a bit of salt are great. I stash those in my vest. Sharkies are a gummy like snack w/electrolytes that are vegan AND gluten free but fall into that "gu and stuff" category. I don't use them much myself. Gluten Free Toaster Waffle (Trader Joes or Vans brand) smothered in peanut butter also is a good prerun food as well as GlutenFreedas Oatmeal (if you can handle oatmeal).

  8. I love finding NorCal blogs! I live in East Bay, albeit probably still a ways away, but I did CIM too :)

  9. Thanks for your replies! I never know how to respond either but I am glad you stopped by my blog too!
    I love coconut water and it is pricey so I thought I would stash some for the longer runs. I will look into ensure. I like drinking my food on long runs. It is so hard to mess with food but I am willing to try anything!
    Thanks again and I will keep you updated on my experimentation. A friend gave me a recipe for energy bars and I am going to try and tweek them to be gluten free! Happy weekend!