Friday, February 5, 2010


Today is a "rest day" if you couldn't guess from the title. Last night the workout called for a 4 mile or 40 minute recovery run. I had to wait until the late evening to squeeze this in which resulted in me running in a monsoon. It was raining sideways again going up and under my hat and into my face. Nice. The legs felt surprisingly okay. The only muscle screaming at me were my calves which is a new sensation. I ran about 4.5 miles total.
Today I have a "special meeting" with this guy during my lunch hour. Oh I can barely wait. I've been seeing Dr. Lau for probably about 5 years now. After my second CIM and, ahem, first ever bonking experience, I discovered his magic. I had developed a sidelining IT band issue and with some deep painful therapy from Dr. Lau, I was back running in to no time. I call him my magician. I started seeing him more recently for my ankle issues and after last Saturday's run, I think I need to get a "tune-up" from him to make sure the old joints are doing okay. I expect full on bruises upon leaving his office but it is well worth it.
I am also excited about tomorrow's scheduled run! The group is heading to Cool!! The plan is about 17 miles on the Cool course. Coach Nikon is a rock star and is probably up there right now marking the course and if he isn't, he'll be marking it in the dark wee hours before our group arrives. He rocks. Captain Kirk and his super powered wife Wonder Woman will not be joining us unfortunately. With the storm that is brewing outside my window right now I fully expect a muddy muddy situation tomorrow. Our group is so used to mud by now that getting a little dirty is nothing and we're actually disappointed if it doesn't happen! What's some mud amongst friends right? Speaking of friends, I will be carpooling with Garmin. Dare I subject him to my plethora of Bon Jovi CDS or perhaps shock him with a little OPM?? All I know is I better clean my car a bit as it is covered with Annie's Bunnies and Gold Fish Crackers compliments of the Peanut. Who, by the way, had a little tea party minus the tea on the kitchen floor.
everyone was present

however only the cat and the bear get hugs


  1. I just got back from marking part of the course. Yeah there will be mud, a lot. Also bring your camera, the creeks, waterfalls are flowing and the green moss on the rocks is booming.


  2. Mud and thunder! It's going to be like a Monster Truck Rally!

  3. It's kind of funny, you post pictures of Peanut like I post pictures of Boomer. You can certainly tell who WE love. So cute! ;)