Thursday, February 11, 2010


Last night was our usual group night and we were a "group" in every sense of the word. We ran like a bunch of four year olds playing soccer . . . all clustered together just shooting the breeze while doing what was supposed to be an easy run. We totaled 6+ miles last night out by Karen's and even though we were taking it fairly easy, I have to say it was a tough 6 miles for me. Perhaps it has to do with all the talking I was doing.

The Peanut made it to daycare this morning where I learned that apparently the entire center has been hit by the same bug . . . including parents. Grrreeaaattttt! She was able to keep down her liquids this morning but is still refusing food. I can't say I blame her. When you're sick food is just unappealing. Perhaps she needs to train for a 50 miler to get her appetite back?! Lord knows I have one heck of an appetite lately.

Like I said yesterday, our home computer is down for the count and I had to blog from my iphone. Today I am illegally blogging from work. Sssshhh don't tell. Hopefully soon, trailmomma will be the proud new owner of a new computer!! Presidents weekend seems like an appropriate time to buy right? We should do our part to improve this economy. Vans, are you reading????

Anyway, obviously I am stretching for material today. Recovery weeks are great for the body and mind but not so good for the blog world. This weekend's long run is set to be an "easy" 12 miler. Wow. I am finally at the point where I can say that running 12 miles is the equivalent of an easy run. Once I finish run Way Too Cool and focus on AR50 I'll be able to say running 30 miles is just an "easy" run . . . oh man.

Despite having no one comment on yesterday's blog (and bruising my blogging ego) I did have quite a few interested in my giveaway! The "winners" of the 28 day supply of Align are Stacie and Vegannut! Congrats ladies. I will be mailing your supply of Align either tomorrow or Saturday!

Normally this time of year I am snowboarding instead of running in the muddy woods. Vans however, is continuing our family tradition and is rubbing it in nicely by sending me a picture of his fresh powder day. Thanks honey!


  1. Down weeks are tough mentally for me, but i sure do enjoy going out for an easy run and not worrying about my pace/speed. We'll have a special guest running with us on Saturday -Hank.

  2. Yeah!! Finally get to meet Hank!!!

  3. Watch out, Nikon has been wanting to set up a date with Hank and Jess, and since it's valentines weekend, you just might want to have "the talk" with Hank...

    I rather enjoyed last nights little soccer girl run.But I agree, this week feels like I'm cheating! But it's a good cheat...

  4. CK- thanks for the snow porn! Glad peanut is on the mend. Hopefully you guys will be getting some well deserved rest soon. An easy 12 it!

  5. Garmin, You are so right, whe they see each other this will be playing in their heads:


  6. Woo hoo - I actually won something :)

    Too funny about calling 12 miles easy. I'm right there with you. Right now, I still really enjoy the 8-10 mile mark, I can't wait to enjoy the 10-13 miler, then one day I might actually just go out for that nice leisurely 20 miler -- HHHMMM probably not, but it's a good thought, right??

    Don't worry your secrets safe with me as I'm responding to your blog at work - shhhhh

  7. Snow is so much fun even for running. Not a chance of getting any in SF Bay Area though.
    Getting a new computer is always exciting. A couple a months ago I switched to Mac after years and years of PC. I love it!

  8. Ewa - we're getting a MAC too (finally). I am very excited!!!

    Nikon - thanks, now that song is stuck in my head. :-)

  9. Pam, i'm typing on a 24" Mac now, you'll dig it!