Friday, February 18, 2011


We've been here since Wednesday and the weather has been pretty nice. Compared to the east coast snow storms the past few weeks, I'd say this week has been wonderful for the east coasters.

Upon arriving and settling in, Jersey Dad quickly has become the Peanut's favorite. All she has to do is bat an eyelash and say "please Poppy" and he's a goner.

she talked him into to watching some tv

Then we decided to take a trip to Barnes and Noble. The Peanut was given the book Mr. Funny and quickly noticed that there was Mr. Bump and Mr. Messy. So on Thursday we decided to head out in search of the other books. Instead, we came across the following while browsing through Barnes and Noble's kid section:

This photo made me laugh and I quickly sent it to Vans so he could see. So many things are going on in this photo: the Jersey Girl shorts, the short shorts over the black tights, the black leg warmers, the black high tops and if you could only see the rest of the outfit. It just struck me as something out of the Jersey Shore and no, it wasn't Snookie (I made sure).

For dinner we went to a local favorite, Frank's Pizza . . . where the Peanut ordered french fries, of course.

Today we went to visit Gramie at her work and then hit the grocery store. When we came home it was time to play in the snow . . . or whatever was left of it.

mini snowmen

After some time in the snow, the Peanut's attention span was getting smaller and smaller so I dug out the big guns . . . some childhood board games!

tiddily winks!

That kept her attention for a bit but sadly, not for very long. The Peanut went napless today and hopefully this will come in my favor when it is time for bed but overall, it made for a very long and exhausting day of power struggles and tantrums.

Tomorrow we're going to visit my college roommates, some of whom I have not seen since graduation day. I am super excited. They all have kids of their own too so it should be pretty interesting.

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  1. Thanks for posting these! Nice to hear what you're up to and the pix of Sierra- the sleeping angel- are delightful. So did you talk with Jersey Girl to find out where you can buy that outfit?