Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Even the Peanut was channeling Jersey after I left for the concert last night. The above is now my all time favorite picture of the Peanut. Thanks Vans!

Apparently by the lack of comments from yesterday's post, I can see there are not many Bon Jovi fans out there. That's alright. I'm still going to blog about the concert because I know everyone is dying to know if this trailmomma busted out the Aquanet and acid wash jeans while joining her partner in crime Jersey Girl and friends at last night's concert.

pre-concert photo

As you can see, we did not attend the concert dressed like Snookie although, I saw quite a few Snookie-wannabes AND an unsightly amount of mullets. Mullets? Really?
The girls and I met up at Jack's Urban Eats and apparently so did all the other women attending the concert. Holy cow was there a lot of "girl power" going on in that place not mention a potty line.

We piled into my friend Chipotle's car and headed to Arco. With my super duper employee badge we were able to avoid any parking fees (score) and a decent parking spot that allowed for easy exit post concert (double score). Upon entering the arena we were hit by a plethora of age groups. Seriously, I saw kids ranging from 10 years old to adults who truly surprised me by singing all the words to Jon's top 80s songs. Apparently, that video game Rock Band has established a new fan base for Jon Bon Jovi as these little kids were rocking it last night.

Our group split up as Jersey Girl, Chipotle and I shelled up major bucks for lower bowl seats. And by "lower bowl" I really mean third freaking row!!! We were not "on the floor" (apparently that requires a hoochie dress code) but were Don't believe me? See for yourself:

That would be Mr. Jon Bon Jovi (who was also celebrating his 48th birthday last night) singing directly to me. Okay, so maybe not right TO me but I was close so let me pretend.

We also had a killer aisle nazi. No one, and I mean no one was able to sneak past her or hog the aisle unless you belonged there.

Don't mess with Martha. She may look sweet but she's tough as nails.

The concert was awesome. Fantastic lighting and a killer monitor display. Huge monitors descended from the ceiling and completely flew around the stage. It was crazy. Here is a picture of Jon walking on the monitors!

He is standing on the monitors all lined up below him. When he started walking the monitors turned into steps to get him back to the main stage and then flew up behind him. Crazy.

This has to be one of the best concerts I have ever been to. I definitely had the best seats ever, unless you count Vans and I sneaking up to the stage in Lake Tahoe at Fergie's last concert.
They played old songs, news song, songs there were on albums that were not really all that great . . . and yes, they played It's My Life early and then finished the concert with an encore of Living On A Prayer. Niiiiicccccce.

Minor vent here, I hate blogger today as I cannot post videos in the new "upgraded" format and the old format doesn't allow for appropriate picture placement (grrrrrrr) so therefore you get links to youtube. These are part of the encore songs . . . but you can see how close we were.

Concert Video

Concert Video 2

They played for over 2.5 hours!! You can burn a lot of calories dancing for that long. However, the Peanut did not enjoy her momma being gone for so long and quickly reminded me of that at 3 am.

Back to reality.


  1. Trail Snooki,

    Mr. Garmin and I posted quite a bit yesterday, We were all for the concert. Looked like a great time and concert. But, I was disappointed by the lack of Aquanet in the hair I saw in the pre-concert picture.

    Coach Nikon

  2. Dear Coach Nikon,
    I saw the Trail Snooki comments from yesterday on my way to the concert. Made me laugh. I could not get my "poof" to work therefor no aquanet . . . but I am still not too keen on the trail snooki . . . although apparently she IS 1/2 Italian . . . as am I. :-)

  3. Sounds like you had a blast. Hope you don't get in trouble for taking pics and video at the concert. Isn't that a no no?

    Glad you had a great time.

    Mullets???? Now that would have made some funny pics to post!

  4. TM,

    Ok I take the nickname back, even tho Garmin and Kirk begged me not to. But I'm still disappointed about the Aquanet. I think you should do an Aquanet 'do for the post AR50 BBQ.


  5. Think about that . . . AQUANET + a BBQ doesn't that = a fire hazzard? :-)

  6. KILLER seats, Pam!! Glad you had fun!