Friday, March 12, 2010


. . . until Way Too Cool!!!! My mind is buzzing like crazy. I am at work and cannot seem to focus. I thought it would be a way to take my mind off things . . . not the case. I am mentally packing and re-packing in my head instead of reviewing work documents. Changing my race wardrobe internally instead of wanting to talk to clients on the phone. Visualizing the course when I should be reading work related emails. Sigh. Will today be one of those days that never ends or will it fly by so fast that later tonight I will stop and go "wait! it can't be time for bed yet!!"

For three months our team has been training together. When we first met our group was silent, shy and maybe it was just me, a little intimidated. Now when we get together it is "hey fruity!" or "hey dude!" (followed by some wise crack of sorts). We've bonded. We're supportive of each other.

I have always heard that you never forget your first Ultra. For my group, I know this rings true. From the random goofy nicknames I have dished out these past three months, to the musical tastes each person has, to each person's aches and pains . . . we have grown, we have gotten poison oak and most importantly we have laughed. I am so excited for my group and I cannot thank our coaches enough for their support, advice and confidence in us. It has never waivered. Goodluck team!!! - TM


  1. Can't wait for the race report. Do great!

  2. That made me misty! It sounds like you have a special group. I've enjoyed following you all and wish you the best of luck tomorrow!!!!


  3. Wow, good luck!! How did you find this group?

  4. Thank you Mike! Goodluck to you too! See you out there I am sure!

    Lis - You know how much you mean to me. Thank you!

    Beth - Our local Fleet Feet Stores have all sorts of training groups but this is the first Ultra Training group they have tried. It rocks.

  5. I'm so excited for you, Pam! Kick ass!

  6. Pam, you're gonna do great! Sweet dreams and see you in the's gonna be cold, but awesome!

  7. I had the same day Pam.
    Now I'm wondering if I will be able to sleep.
    OMG - it's tomorrow - yikes
    Here's to a great run!!
    See you in the morning.