Thursday, March 18, 2010


Last night was our group workout. It was the first time we've seen each other since Way Too Cool last Saturday. Some of the crew was missing for various reasons, including Coach Nikon. Still, everyone who showed seemed to still be on that runner's high from Saturday's event. Some of the group, who did not run WTC, are instead running the Pirate's Cove 50K this weekend. I want to send a shout out to Miss P and Poison Oak "GOODLUCK LADIES! KICK BUTT!" I have no doubts they will conquer on Saturday either. They looked really ready!

Last night we just took it easy and ran as a staggered group on some single tracks in Folsom. It was the first workout that our annoying headlamps were not needed! The weather was perfect too. Now if only mosquitos didn't exist!

We ran about 6.5 miles and we saw a lovely gaggle/herd/cluster??? of stray cats chowing down on some cat food that the local Inn leaves out for them. They looked all cute and snuggly but watch out . . . skittish little suckers!

My knee was "ok" unless we were running downhill or going down a set of stairs. Then I sort modified it to a shuffle but I think I covered it well. I better find some time to see Dr. Lau and get a massage from Lily the master before AR50 in a few weeks.

So while I was out with my group, the Peanut and Vans took a father daughter trip to Trader Joes for some needed grocery items. It seems mom has been too busy running a 50K to stock the fridge lately. Whoops! While at Trader Joes, the Peanut also ran into a leprechaun . . . who kissed her on the cheek!

Checking mom's grocery list

Kiss Me! I'm not Irish!


  1. You just made me realize I need to go to Trader Joe's and soon. I don't even have a good excuse for our fridge being empty.
    Lions live in prides so since they are cats, would a group of domestic cats be also a pride? Probably not.

  2. Ewa! Ah yes a pride! I would venture to guess that might go with domestic cats too! :-) I just love saying the word "gaggle" though. :-)

  3. Gaggle is for geese. But it is a fun word to say! Great to be back on the trails again.