Thursday, March 25, 2010


Yup, that's what my bum feels like today after last night's hill repeats! Bring on the fuzzy headbands and Olivia Newton-John's "Get Physical" because last night's workout was a doozy.

We ran as a group from the Aquatic Center over to the other side of the river and down the bike trail to a hill that was quite large, technical and long. We ran up the front side and then down the back which worked out perfectly as it spaced everyone out and no one was running on top of each other. We did that times four. I forgot to check my garmin but my heart rate was flying through the roof, the legs were burning and the lungs were on fire. Flashbacks of Way Too Cool's Ball Bearing were in my mind and others. Overall, a great strength workout.

How was my knee? Well, on hill repeats #1-4 it was okay. It set off a minor dull ache on the downs but I was able to maneuver and actually extend and bend my knee without too much pain. When we finished those repeats, just for "giggles" we made our way back to the Aquatic Center via another rocky hill that made the knee yell a little louder on the decent. Today however, the pain is minimal. A little rolling, icing and stretching tonight and I think things will be good for Saturday.

When things get tough on the trail, I just think of the Peanut. She is currently obsessed with Jaguars. Not really the car per se but the beautiful steal hood ornaments that such luxury cars have. Every time we pass the Jaquar dealership she "roars" with all her might. Heck, if you just mention the word "jaquar" the girl roars!


In hiding . . . waiting for her prey!


  1. Not that I'm think about your buns, but shouldn't they be "steel", not "steal"?

    Or did I miss something. :)

    Coach Nikon

  2. Thank you Coach! No coffee before writing a blog is a bad bad thing!

  3. Right on Pam. I did hill repeats on Wed, but mine don't sound near as hard as yours did. I didn't think BB at all on mine. LOL Maybe I need to go do hill repeats with your group.

    I can just hear the Peanut roaring. Too cute.

  4. I prefer doing hill repeats over any other type of run....they're short, difficult and the workout is usually under an hour, but they HURT!

    Good times and great job by everyone!

    See ya tomorrow!