Thursday, March 4, 2010


This morning Vans was singing to the Peanut (FYI, Vans does not usually sing. Anything!). He was singing "rain rain go away come again another day" however, I noticed that the Peanut would giggle just as he said "rain rain go away" (insert 2 year old giggle) "come again another day." She even did it when I picked up the lyrics while taking her to daycare. Is she too young to get irony? Is she laughing because even she can't imagine a day without rain? I know I can't because last night was one wet workout.

The group numbers were LOW last night. I think 9 of us showed up. Hard.Core. It was raining pretty hard when I arrived and everyone was sitting in their cars until about 5:59 pm. Then we got out and said "are we nuts?" and took off. There was no real discussion as to what the workout would be, I don't think anyone really cared all that much as we just wanted to get running so our body temperatures would rise. For the record, we ran an hour or about 7 miles at a nice steady pace.

My trail shoes are soaked from last weekend. Now my road shoes are now wet too. Hmph, I hope one of them dries for this Saturday's 12 miler!

After taking two days off from running, my IT band felt pretty darn good when I started my run. When we were finishing however, it started barking. When I got out of the car at home, I could barely hobble into the house. Today, I am wearing some fugly shoes because I can't fathom putting on anything with a heel. I sat stretching while watching TV last night and noticed I am exceptionally tight on my left side. I dug out the rolling pin and even tried massaging my left thigh (for the record, I do have a foam roller but it doesn't help, perhaps user error who knows). I wish my desk at work was on the floor so I could sit in my office in the pigeon pose all day long. Sigh.

I have some appointments set up next week to try and alleviate the problem. I am getting a massage and I am going to see Dr. Lau for a final fix before WTC. If all fails, WTC used to be called The Cool Canyon Crawl and so if I have to crawl my way to finish so be it.

If the Peanut can crawl through nature . . .

So can her momma . . .

However, this is really how I'll look.


  1. Putting newspaper in my shoes worked, but you have to remember to change them out every few hours. Now I have one wet pair and one dry pair. I thought you had a massage last night, but then I saw a suspicious car zoooom past me on the way home last night... a car with hand painted NY Yankees logos on it!

  2. Peanut is just too cute.

    Rainy runs can be quite challenging but for me most of the time they are fun. Getting started is hard but then it is fun. They say stuffing shoes with newspapers helps them dry. I haven't tried that yet but I run in Five Fingers now so if they are wet I just ignore it since I must have run in them wet the day before so why would it matter today.

    Sorry about your IT band. Hope it gets better soon. I mean like NOW.

  3. I did but Lily had to cancel so we've rescheduled for next week. I was doing the speed limit I swear!!! :-) I'll try the newspaper tonight!

  4. You're good!!

    I hope the your IT feels better by the big day!


  5. I like that in the last picture you're in the background with a mouthful of something from that bag you're holding! LOL

    I have no advice to help make your IT band magically better. Maybe a little more dancing to It's My Life? Or a good bounce around to Livin' on a Prayer? One of those ought to work!

  6. Dr. Lau will do wonders for you :) I bet you'll be good as new come race day!

  7. Being in the out of doors is fabulous, isn't it? I found your blog, and thought you might reconsider foam rolling, to help your IT band so you can stay running. You might try rolling the iliopsoas (hip flexors) also, as most runners have issues with this too. Check out my website, where you can learn foam rolling for each muscle group in your legs. Go slow and be meditative about it, to find your exact hot spots on the muscle that needs releasing.
    Good luck to you and may your IT band be released!