Tuesday, March 2, 2010


If you don't know me very well, you might not guess that I am a Jersey Girl. I was born and raised in the Garden State (FYI there is more to NJ than Newark). I don't have the 'joisey' accent . . . well, unless you piss me off and/or give me one too many glasses of wine. The accent also comes back when I visit my family, much to Vans dislike, and I will forever pronounce the word "tournament" like "torn-a-ment" with emphasis on the "torn." Vans hates that as well. Sorry honey, you married a true NORTHERN Jersey Girl . . . not to be confused with the "Snookie" and "The Situation" and the cast of the Jersey Housewives (although they are almost northern jersey-ites, they are however, in a world of their own).

But tonight however, I will be channeling my inner-Jersey. Tonight my friend, Jersey Girl, and I will be sitting  feet yards away from Mr. Jon Bon Jovi. Yeah his music is not all that it used to be. Honestly, if he just plays Living On A Prayer and It's My Life I'll be one happy trailmomma. I don't oogle him the way most women do. He's short and has better hair than I do . . . but man can he sing! I think I have only been to one wedding in my entire life that has not played at least one Bon Jovi song . . . obviously it didn't make my top 10 list of favorite weddings. Shame on them.

Today however, Jersey Dad emailed me some pictures. I knew the east coast was getting dumped on by Mother Nature but when I saw these pictures I actually welcomed the rain outside my window today.

Notice the mailbox peeking out!

It also is convenient my dad bought a snowblower AFTER I left home for California. Shoveling that much snow would make anyone a permanent hunch back with some Arnold-esque arms!

Tonight Vans and the Peanut will be hanging out together hoping and praying I don't come home with an accent, a black eye from having gone "jersey" on someone or a giant sized "I ♥ BJ" tattoo because you know that would be bad. For many reasons.

And so tonight, Tommy used to work on the dock . . . union's been on strike, he's down on his luck, it's tough. So tough. And, Gina works the diner all day. She's working for her man. She brings home her pay for love. For Love.


  1. Looks like not too many Bon Jovi fans follow yer blog ;) Have fun!

  2. garmin - are you implying that there are people who are NOT bon jovi fans? don't make me go jersey on you... although, you'll probably be able to outrun me. crap.

    trail momma - i still think we pronounce tournament the right way. i dont understand how else one would say it?

    - jersey girl (aka, the sign maker and race crew)

  3. TM,

    I feel a new nickname for you coming on:

    "Trail Snooki"

    I need some a 2nd here Garmin. You know you looked a bit more tan Saturday......