Wednesday, March 24, 2010


It's been a while . . . I have not done much running since Saturday's horrific experience. Tonight however, is our group workout and hill repeats are the plan. I will say it again . . . I love the ups and I hate the downs. Last night I had a wonderful amazing massage by Lily again. I am telling you, this woman is fantastic. If you're in the area, book a massage with her ASAP (call Lily at 916.390.1035). Hopefully her magic fingers will help me get by in tonight's workout although I am anticipating that I will be walking the down hills no matter how my leg feels if only to save them for Saturday's monstrous run.

Yes, Saturday we're venturing out for a 31 mile run as a group. Oh boy. I need to start assembling my ipod music selection because 31 miles on portions of the bike trail will be boring! This will be our last super long workout though before AR50 and then that dreaded taper period begins. I have such a love hate relationship with taper weeks.

On a different note, I never wrote about my 28 trial period of Align that I started back in February. I finished my 28 day supply and I have to admit, I feel better. It is hard to explain but I definitely have had improvments in the tummy area since I started. Whether that has to do with my taking a daily dose of Align or my change in pre-run food consumption, I am pleased. So pleased in fact, that I bought a new supply of Align at Costco recently.
Now if I could only find a pill that helps me run down hills I'd be all set! No, don't say Advil as it does not agree with my tummy. Motrin and regular Tylenol only dull the pain. Tylenol with coedine in the evening however, erases it . . . kidding.

Someone else I know however, enjoys going up rather than down . . .

The Peanut planning her route . . .

Making her ascent . . .

Disclaimer: This is my biggest pet peeve. Children who climb up the down slide and the parents who let them. I must note, that I was not in fact present when this climbing up the slide occurred. However, it must be noted, the Peanut was the only one at the park. :-)


  1. I'm almost done with the Align I won from you, however, I haven't seen a difference. I will admit, that I'm really about taking my vitamins/pills on the weekends, so I did miss a couple of days here and there. Don't know if that has any reason for no difference for me.

    Good luck on Saturday's run. Ugh the dreaded bike path!!

    I'm with you on the "disclaimer"!

  2. ha *is* completely acceptable when your child is the only one at the park. D does it too,(when nobody is around) so parents that hate that can suck it. ha ha

    hope your knee held up last night.