Monday, March 1, 2010


Yesterday the schedule said "3-4 easy miles to teach the body how to run on tired legs." Well, after Saturday's 24ish miles my legs were definitely a bit tired! Not as tired I am sure as one of my teammate's. Late Saturday evening we discovered she had some trouble out on the trail on her way back to the overlook. Stitches, as I will now call her, apparently fell and fell hard cutting her leg so severely that she ended up in the emergency room with about 14 stitches in her leg. However, that was AFTER she hauled it up Damn Hill . . . you go girl! She's out of the game for about 10 days and we're all hoping she'll recover quickly.

Sunday however, I signed myself up to do the Folsom Lake Trail Runners Winter Series final race out a Beal's Point. It was only 3.5 miles and my "plan" was to take it nice and easy and treat this as my "recovery run." Yeah, I should know better right? The first 1.5 miles WAS hard and definitely SLOW. My IT band is not in good shape these days and any downhill portion I look like I have a pegleg but after a while things loosened up and I felt "better." I felt so good in fact . . . that old (short distance) competitor in me came out. I spotted one woman . . . "mmm, she looks like she could be in my age bracket. I better take her out". . . pass . . . then I saw a couple of young kids . . . "mmm, I can't have those young whipper snappers beating me now can I?"  . . . pass . . . then going up the final paved hill I saw another woman . . . "she's mine!" . . . pass. My time was 27:57 which is generally speaking slow for me for a 3.5 race but considering I ran 24 miles the day prior . . . I'll take it . . . and second place in my age bracket!

  The Peanut had just woken up from her nap as I was crossing the finish. She loves races and so we stuck around most of the morning while Vans ventured out for a solo mountain bike ride. Overall, it was a glorious Sunday morning. The weather was spectacular especially compared to Saturday's monsoon.

This week is an exciting week for many reasons. I am taking tonight off completely to rest my knee and because tomorrow night I'll need all the bounce I can get as I sit third row in front of Bon Jovi!! This trailmomma will be rockin it tomorrow night at ARCO Arena!

Wednesday it is back to work with our weekday group workout. We're approaching the taper for Way Too Cool which is a week from Saturday. Eek! I feel ready. Nervous and excited but ready.

The Peanut is also ready . . . she's been hamming it up lately and it totally makes me smile. She's been dishing out the hugs lately too which I absolutely love and need.

"Yo Dad look at me!"

Seriously, how can you not just hug her all day long!


  1. I can't believe you've already named her "Stitches"! I read her story and my jaw dropped. I can't believe she did the last 10 miles of the run with a giant hole in her shin. AND I can't believe you ran a FTR yesterday. I actually feel better this week than I did last week, although I was BEAT on Saturday. Does that mean we are gettin' stronger? I hope, because WTC is right around the corner!

  2. I need one of those shirts. She is so cute!

  3. Garmin it hit me just last night how close WTC really is!! How is your knee?

  4. All is good! I was pretty upset mentally on Saturday because I walked a lot more than I usually do on the way back, but then I felt great on Sunday. It certainly didn't feel like I had run a marathon the day before, so now I'm back in the game!

    This is a good quote:
    "Running, one might say, is basically an absurd pastime upon which to be exhausting ourselves. But if you can find meaning in the kind of running required of you to stay on this team, perhaps you'll find meaning in another absurd pastime: Life."
    -Bill Bowerman

  5. She is just beautiful! I love her shirt too. Awesome job at coming in second in your AG!

  6. HA! No way Chloe has the same shirt! She wore it today!! Too funny. Have fun at the concert!! Give that knee a lil R n R rest!

  7. Who does Peanut's hair? I love the pony tail :)

  8. Beth that would be me . . . today she went to daycare with pigtails on either side. :-) She has gorgeous hair which she did not get from me apparently! :-)

  9. i am glad you are taking training for the bon jovi concert as seriously as a run! :)
    - jersey girl

  10. Bon Jovi? So jealous. Have a great rockin time!

    Ya, I'm a little freaked out at how close we are to WTC - OMG - 1 weekend left before whamo!

    Hope to see you out there before the race, cause I know I won't see you during the race, or even after. You will have finished, gone home, showered, had a glass a of wine, all by the time I roll in.

    Great job at FLWTS!

    Hugs are the bomb!