Sunday, March 7, 2010


"We're leaving together!" Any Europe fans out there? That song has been running through my mind lately because it is countdown week to Way Too Cool this Saturday.

Yesterday our group met up for our last "long run" before WTC. I managed 11.5 miles from Karen's to Beal's Point and back. Mostly trails, some bike trail stuff but a glorious day weather wise. No rain, maybe  slightly chilly at the start but I warmed up fine.

My body is not sure what to do anymore on these "short/long" runs . . . normally I am used to eating for four plus hours and not a measly two. I brought my camera but really wasn't in the mood to stop and take any pictures, plus we've been on this course before. If you want to see them, you can go here.

I tried to run steady and not push it although I think the first mile I might have pushed just a little. Like usual, my knee started off okay. I basically spent the night before on the floor stretching it out like crazy. But unfortunately, just a few miles in it started to hurt. I ran with Coach Nikon for a bit on the way back and we stopped and stretched a little. Not sure if that helped. I am looking forward to getting in to see Dr. Lau this week and a massage on Wednesday night. I need some relief and I need it fast as this is starting to play mental games with me. Prior to this recent pain in my knee I would have said I am 100% ready for Cool. Mentally I feel fantastic. I know what I want do during the race (which is mainly have fun) and I was super excited. Now, Negative Nancy is creeping her way into my brain can causing doubts. "What if I can't run?" "What if it hurts too much out there?" I hate negative thoughts. I am usually out there running with a smile and laughing over the littlest of things but yesterday, I barely smiled and never had a happy thought.

I think about two miles from the end I realized what my brain was doing and I tried hard, real hard to push any negative thoughts from my head. I tried reminding myself that I still am in this and that after Wednesday, things should improve. Negative thoughts can bring you down faster than any injury.

Today I am spending the day with my Peanut. Just mom and daughter all day long. That alone is enough to lift my spirits.

If you're looking for some motivation, in typical Coach Nikon style, I will leave you with the link to:

The Final Countdown video


  1. SO excited for you! Hope that knee quits aching and all the happy thoughts and vibes come flooding back!

  2. Pam, you can and will run this race. You're completely prepared, just remember that. I have faith in Dr. Lau to work his magic fingers to help your ITB. I swear by my marble rolling pin. After this weekend, you can give it some TLC and take a running rest and recovery for it. In the meantime, I'll be sending healthy ITB thoughts your way. You ARE prepared, and you WILL do great things this weekend. I believe in you. Run hard and have fun!

  3. I hope you get relief soon, Pam! Thanks for sharing that video; reminded me of my HS days in Michigan :))

  4. Hummm, sounds like the run wasn't too fun Saturday... maybe because I wasn't there? :) I think I had the same 12 mile run on Sunday. Knees hurting, bad attitude, couldn't wait to get back home! But this week = a week of positive thinking!We'll stretch and take it easy, and maybe all get green mowhawks!

  5. Think positive, do what you need to do this week and race day will be fantastic! We can discuss injuries next week :)

  6. I'm right there with you Pam. Really nervous about cut off times, etc. But we just have to keep in mind this is for fun and we will cross the finish line!

    See you at the start line :)