Saturday, October 1, 2011


As I said in my last post (which was forever ago, sorry) this weekend was a high(er) mileage weekend for me. All week long I have been getting us ready for our annual week in Tahoe. We spend one week in Tahoe every year (timeshare). Squaw Valley is where we go and we love it. This year, I discovered that the day before we're scheduled to go up that Squaw Village was hosting their 10th Annual Squaw Village Oktoberfest. We have been to this before when our week in Tahoe coincided with the event. This year our week fell later causing us to miss the event by one day. I also discovered that Big Blue Adventure was having an Oktoberfest Trail Race that ended right in Squaw. How perfect. Needless to say, we figured out a way to get up to Tahoe two days early so that I could do the race and Vans could hang out at the Oktobefest. Perfect.

So Friday when Vans got home from work, we finished loading the car and we headed to Squaw Village to pick up my race packet. While picking up my swag I asked the girl if anyone ever runs from the finish to the start and then does the race. She told me "Absolutely! People do it all the time." Hmmm, this is an inaugural race so how can they "do it all the time?" Oh well. That was my plan because I needed a long run to fit into our weekend plans.

Squaw has so many special memories for us. This year is no exception as it was Squeaker's first time here.
She is loving it!

And my race swag apparently. 

The Peanut is a regular here.

After packet pick up we headed to our room to unload. Since we arrived two days early, we were forced to check into another room and not the room we are going to be staying in all week. Let the luggage shuffle begin!

With a 3 year old, a 3.5 month old, a husband who is the world's lightest sleeper and a mother who has to get up before the sun rises made our sleeping situation in this tiny room difficult. The Peanut and Vans slept on the pull out sofa bed while Squeaker and I slept in the bedroom. I think we won that deal.

At 5:30 my alarm went off. I had been up only once with Squeaker and tried to go to bed when she did as to maximize my sleep. I quickly fed Squeaker and changed her (darn diapers leak way too often in our house) and then continued on with my usual pre-race ritual.

6:15 I woke up Vans to tell him I was off. I had my headlamp with me but as it turns out, I only needed it for about 5 minutes. Oh well. As I started on my way I saw the spot where the race people were having racers meet in order to be shuttled to the starting location. I stopped and asked if anyone was running to the starting area. They looked at me like I had 3 heads and the race person said, "over achiever much?" ha ha So I was alone on my morning journey.

I realized as I had left the house that I had nothing to eat. Normally I do try and eat 2 hours before running if I can because my stomach does not digest well but Vans and the Peanut were sleeping the kitchen area and I didn't want to wake them. I had 3 gels with me though. I also don't adjust well in Tahoe. It takes me a few days before my stomach settles. Something about the altitude ... you know what a bag of chips looks like when you bring them into altitude ... yeah that is how I feel the first few days. So about 4 miles into my run my stomach goes south ... WAY south. It was so bad I was looking to the left and right of me to figure out where I could go but the bike trail leading to Tahoe City doesn't have much of a shoulder let alone coverage. I just sucked it up and walked when I had to which wasn't much.

By 7:40 I had reached Common's Beach in Tahoe City where the race was going to start. I headed straight for the rest rooms and stood in line. 7:50 I was lining up at the starting line. This race was small, very small ... maybe 25 to 30 runners tops is my guess. The race director had said it was their inaugural race which was kind of cool.

8:00 am they said "ready set go" and we were off. I basically ran back the way that I came minus a few different turns here and there. I took it slow. My stomach felt 100 times better ... at first but by mile 4 (really my mile 12) I started having sloshy stomach. Great. If there is one thing I really hate when running it is a sloshy stomach. I had taken a gel at mile 4 on my way to the start hoping it would settle my stomach (it didn't) and decided to take another one at mile 4 (or really my 12) on the way to the finish. Physically I was tired. My legs felt heavy and I was getting side stitches but mentally I was moving along. I wouldn't let my mind have any negative thoughts. When something started to creep in I quickly changed my thinking to something positive like "it is so beautiful here" and "you are more than half way done!"

The finish takes you up the road leading to Squaw Village and then you enter the parking lot and they send you into the village via the cobblestone walk way. Basically you are running straight past all the stores and shops to a giant finish arch.

As I was finishing I saw an orange BOB (jogging stroller) much like the one we have. I ran right up to it thinking "oh great! Vans and the girls made it!" and yet as I neared it it was more like "oops, not my stroller not my kid." ha

I wandered around the finish area. I talked to the race director for a while and still no Vans and the girls. Uh-oh. Squeaker is still adjusting to taking a bottle and so I was worried that things were not going well for them.

Craziness back at the room ....

Vans tends to have a hard time motivating everyone ...

About 10 minutes after I am done I see Vans and the girls walking up. Apparently I am faster than Van's gives me credit for as he wasn't expecting me to be done already.

Maybe Tiger had more faith in me ...

Overall I am glad that I did the mileage I did as I don't think I could motivate myself to do high mileage up here later in the week. I was tired and my legs were sore but overall, I felt okay. This was a good mental challenge for me. I overcame when I was feeling tired by mentally staying positive. I don't think CIM will be easy for me this year by any means. I am still no where near where I was speed wise just a few years ago but that is okay. The miles are getting done.

16 D-O-N-E

The best reward. My girls.


  1. Good to hear you're getting those miles in before you head back into the working world. Nice way to finish up the summer and celebrate your 7th anniversary as well. Can't think of a better place for you to do it. Have a fun rest of the week! AP

  2. Thanks for the write up! We posted it on our Facebook page:

  3. Good job out there! Running it both ways was definitely more than I was up for. I'll be at CIM too this year, my first time. Hope the rest of your training goes well -

  4. Good job and Happy Anniversary! Big Blue Adventure will be posting this link to the race photos soon...