Sunday, October 23, 2011


It is possible to get lost on a run that you've already done twice before. My problem seems that I chit chat too much at a particular spot that I never noticed where we turned. So when I ran the same route yesterday, on my own, I had no idea where to go and ran up and down the same street a few times until I figured my way out. Oops.

It has been a running weekend. I needed that. It all started on Friday when Fleet Feet Fair-Oaks/Roseville had their first Pub Run!

Yes, a running pub run. 

It wasn't your typical college pub run where you just run from pub to pub drinking. Instead we met at a pub on Friday evening, registered for this FREE event and then took off running four miles. I pushed Squeaker in the BOB stroller and Vans pushed the Peanut in the chariot. We were the only ones out there with joggers but it was fun! The Peanut had a blast with her cowbell and yelling "run faster mommy faster!"

They also had a guy dressed up as a beer bottle with ribbons attached to him. He would hide somewhere out on the course and you had to find him, chase him and grab one of the ribbons to get a prize at the end of the race. Vans was ready for him. The Peanut however, was calling him the BEARD guy instead of the beer guy so it was "get the beard guy daddy! get the beard guy!" Vans caught him. Nice.

When we finished, Fleet Feet had the back patio ready for everyone. The event was co-sponsored by Saucony and they had cool raffle prizes and free beer and cookies. Seriously? What could be a better Friday night!? I hope they do this again with other running sponsors. It was great because Saucony let you test out their shoes on the run as well as their reflective vests! That is a great way to get your product out there to the public.

Saturday I woke up and needed to get a long run in. I am still battling some tummy issues that I had earlier in the week (I was accidentally glutened at a party). I set out with the intentions of doing 8 hilly miles. Once again I ran up Beatty, or at least most of it. I've decided that I need to stop being complacent with hills. In ultras they say you should walk the ups and run the downs and that is true for the most part, especially if you are doing a really long race, but I am finding myself walking the ups more than I think I really need to because I assume I have to. Instead I am trying to push myself to run hills more so I can get stronger. I think it is working as I am feeling much stronger on some of the smaller hills in the neighborhood.

After the run we went out to the Folsom Whole Foods Pre-opening party! The store officially opens on Wednesday and I can hardly wait. I am a Whole Foods junkie (being gluten free I sort of have to be). The store will probably be insane for a few weeks though. I will go once all the excitement passes or right before they close.

I think today I might head out for a 3 mile run later. It has some hills but I feel the need to add a few extra miles in this weekend since I didn't go very long on Saturday. Next Sunday is the Folsom Lake Four Bridges Half Marathon. I am considering this my first "real" race since being back post Squeaker. I signed up for this race last year but then found out I was pregnant and we were gearing up to move so I had not been running much. It isn't a super easy half as there are some hills involved. I hope I am ready. I really want to do well in this race.

I ran the same race after the Peanut was born and I ran it faster than I ever had before (a new PR for this race actually). I ran it in 1:48 (8:18/mile). My half marathon PR is 1:44 (7:58/mile) at Shamrock the same year ... for some reason post Peanut I was way faster than I am post Squeaker. My expectations are high but I also don't want to disappoint myself as I know what I am running right now and it isn't that. I guess we will see what the week brings and how it affects my race. Work has not been an easy return and the Squeaker is adjusting to going to a "daycare" environment and thus waking more frequently in the middle of the night.

She's still an awesome kid who does sleep well. I really can't complain and apparently neither can Vans as she has become a great photography subject ....

Hey Dad, is that a CAMERA you have?

Shall I give you a profile?

Or a smirk?

Darling, please ... I know how cute I am.

Lord, tell him how cute I am!

See. The kid loves the camera. Lucky for Vans.....

Because the Peanut doesn't. 


  1. Sounds like a great busy weekend! And love the pics, what a strong baby! :)

  2. At least the Peanut actually sits still and LOOKS at the camera - Monkey turns her head or moves around so you can't get a clear shot!