Monday, October 17, 2011


On Sunday I ran 16 miles with Pigeon. It was almost like old times ... except we were not on trails and we were not training for a race that SHE was doing. Instead, she came running the streets of El Dorado Hills with ME since I am training for CIM.

Earlier in the week some emails bounced around from my old running group the Buffalo Chips. They were headed to EDH to run and so I thought it was great timing for me to join them. However, I know how fast those Buffalo Chippers are ... they are super fast. Pigeon had expressed an interest in running with me and I have been dying to run with her as well. I invited her. The poor girl had run 13 crazy hilly miles on the trails in Cool the day prior but still agreed to come and run with me. True running friendship at its finest.

The day started early with Pigeon arriving at my house at 7 am. We drove to the meet-up location even though the route passed my house half-way in. This was Pigeon's "out point" if she was struggling, which is why she left her car at my house.

The minute the group started running I thought something was not quite right. They were running too close to our pace and then it happened. We hit a hill and those Buffalo Chippers were long gone. You would think THEY lived in El Dorado Hills the way they powered up some of those hills yesterday. Sheesh! It didn't help that Pigeon and I took a wrong turn at one point and went about a half mile out of the way. Oops.

Yet, like Pigeon posted in her run report, the miles just flew by because we were playing catch up on lost time. We would talk, we would run, we would walk the occasional hill but the entire time it was as if no time had past at all between us. Despite her running The Sierra Nevada Endurance Run 50 miler just three weeks ago ... and me having had a baby just four months ago ... we were just picking up as if no time had passed. It was great.

(Thanks Pigeon for the 2010 photo)

After our run she came back to my house (she had to, her car was there) and we iced our legs in my very cold pool while sipping Godiva Pumpkin Coffee! It was great. She finally was able to meet Squeaker and poor Peanut just whisked Pigeon away to her room to show her all her toys and claim the attention for herself.

Squeaker did not mind as she has a "new to her" toy ... the jump-a-roo and boy does she JUMP!

Bounce Bounce Bounce

She jumps so much the picture is a bit fuzzy! You would never know this girl had her shots on Friday! She measured in at 14 pounds 13.8 ounces ... almost a full pound heavier than the Peanut at four months. The nurse administered the 3 shots and she cried but then stopped and the rest of the weekend was her happy smiling self. She was also super snugly. Love.


If you didn't catch my post over the weekend, please check out my support of the No White At Night campaign.

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