Thursday, October 13, 2011


So this week I returned to work after being off for 4.5 months. It's been rough. A lot of changes happened while I was gone. None of them good. I will leave it at that.

What else isn't very good at the moment? My running. Last Sunday I should have done 12 miles. I set out to do 10. I ended up running about 8. Digestive issues had me cutting my run short. Not to mention we had just returned from Tahoe and were still settling. I did however, take some photos of my solo pathetic 8 miler.

This is half way up Beatty

I have written about Beatty before. It is a mile plus steep hill near my house that most cyclists use as a training hill. I've been running it once in a while. I can't run the entire thing but I can run most of it ... or I run until I hit the dreaded turkeys and then I stop and wage war. Not really. I cross the street as far away from them as I can possibly get.

Almost at the top

Beatty is a great hill to train on and strengthen your legs. The homes lined along this street are pretty awesome to look at as well and they have million dollar views ...

View of Folsom Lake

It's been rough since we returned from Tahoe. I am still attempting to share more vacation photos but they are on my laptop which is being "difficult" to say the least ... hello iPad! Well, not really but I am dreaming and begging for one at the same time.

When we returned from our week in Tahoe we discovered the following ...

Tree down!

One of the pretty trees in our front yard fell down. Luckily it didn't fall into our home but it did mean that the first full day back, Vans spent the entire day chainsawing and removing pieces of tree. Which now sits in our driveway ready to be taken to a local dump.

Then I started work on Tuesday which like I mentioned, was full of surprises and Squeaker started her first full day at her nanny-share place. She isn't going to the same school as the Peanut right now (long complicated and frustrating story). However, she seems to be having fun with her partner Little G and lots of one on one time with the nanny.

Little G and Squeaker at the park

Now that I am working, I also do not get home until super late and then have to put Squeaker to bed (she is the child who LIKES to sleep) and feed the Peanut. Last night I made a point to put Squeaker to bed and head out on a run even though I knew it would be 1. in the dark and 2. very short.

Hello headlamp & reflective gear

This leads me to my next post ... a teaser of sorts. I was contacted by a company and asked to share some thing with my readers. I just have not had the chance to sit down and devote the proper attention to it that I would like. It is something I believe in and I think everyone who runs should be made aware. So please, stay tuned. I apologize for all the infrequent posting of late. Adjusting to the working world again is always rough the first week.

At least I have my girls ... and Vans to keep me strong.

The Peanut at four months (ish) ...

Squeaker at four months (ish)

Crazy isn't it?!

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  1. I cannot wait to see how Squeaker develops....she and P look so much alike as babes!!
    You're doing great mama...I know it must be a lot. Hang in there.
    The dvine Miss L ;)