Monday, September 26, 2011


Seven years ago today I married my best-friend and the man of my dreams. He is now the father of my children, still my best-friend and still the man of my dreams.

Vans and I have known each other for 11 years. 10 years ago we started dating. 3 and half years after dating we were married. He's a patient man what can I say ... or maybe he was just taking his time trying to decide if he was ready for a set of New Jersey in-laws, a life-time of Bon Jovi music and a wife who can instantly "go Jersey" at any moment. I make it interesting ... what can I say?

Happy Anniversary!

Wow. 7 years and two kids later ...

Our annual Tahoe week is coming up. I can hardly wait and neither can the Peanut. We are actually spending a couple extra days in Tahoe this year because of course I found a race to run and also an Oktoberfest for Vans! Priorities. What can I say?

Yesterday I knew I had to do double digit mileage or at least 2 hours on my feet. I was dreading this all weekend. I was supposed to go Saturday morning but Squeaker had a rough night, as did Vans and so I was left waking up throughout the night and on early mommy duty in the morning and therefore bailed on my run. We also wanted to head out to the Auburn Damn Overlook to watch Pigeon rock it in the Sierra Nevada Endurance Run. She nailed it.

So Sunday was the day. I started later than I had anticipated but Squeaker is not taking a bottle easily so I had to make sure she was well fed and Vans was alert and ready to deal with two kids. I headed out down my street and about a half mile from my house I run into four women.

I did a double take. Could it be? Really!? It was 3 old Buffalo Chip girls that I used to run with and one newbie! They asked me if I wanted to run with them and I about cried at the offer. What a dream! They were already on mile 8 of their 16 for the day but I tagged along with them for about 4 miles before they headed back towards Folsom. I am now on their radar and hope to join them on a few runs through El Dorado Hills.

It is funny but they were so overjoyed to run around my neck of the woods. They oogled at houses and they loved running the hills. For weeks I have been complaining about hills and yet I hear them saying how much they wished they lived here. Years ago (pre-kids) I used to run with the Chips up in Cameron Park and I'd come home excited to tell Vans about the amazing houses and great training hills. I wanted to live there. Funny how that works. The grass is always greener huh? 

After I left the girls I decided I needed to change my way of thinking and enjoy where I am and where I get to run. It will only help me and make me stronger in my training. 

I left my group at the corner of Green Valley and Sophia Parkway and turned back up Sophia to tackle Beatty. Beatty is probably most known to cyclists as one of the meanest training hills in the area. It is long, steep and long. Very long. Did I mention it was long? I ran some walked some ran some walked some. I dodged turkeys and ran some more. I enjoyed it. 

After running all around El Dorado Hills I finally made 10 miles and called it a day. I was so excited to tell Vans about my run-in with the Buffalo Chips. 

Next weekend I have some major mileage planned. We leave for Tahoe on Friday. Saturday morning is my race. The race is from Tahoe City to Squaw Valley which is about 7.88 miles. We stay in Squaw Valley so in order to get my required mileage in ... I plan to wake up early, run to Tahoe City and then join the race and run back to Squaw Valley. This not only gives me my mileage for the weekend it also allows Vans and the girls the chance to sleep in and only walk over to the finish vs waking up and driving me to the start. 

Hopefully day light is on my side ... otherwise I might be starting my run in the dark ... actually I probably will be starting my run in the dark just a little bit. Dark and cold but I can hardly wait. It's TAHOE!

I love our week in Tahoe and sadly this is my last week home with Squeaker. After we return from Tahoe I return to work. Good bye maternity leave. Never again will I have this time at home the way I have had it this summer. 

Going back to work is bittersweet. I am anxious for the routine and to um, actually earn a paycheck but at the same time, one on one time with Squeaker is just so precious. 

She's so cute ... what can I say?

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  1. Going back to work is SO hard! But sounds like you have had an amazing summer to remember :) Great miles this last weekend and how nice to have some unexpected company!! Have a safe trip!