Monday, September 5, 2011


First in regards to my last post, all is okay. I am feeling better. Tests all came back negative and I am back running. In fact, I ran 6 miles today to test the body out and it was fine. My pace was even a bit faster than normal. Now if I can only be consistent in my workouts .... CIM might be a slow marathon this year but it will get done.

Over the weekend we went on our annual camping trip. Normally a big group of us go to DL Bliss but this year we camped at Donner Lake instead. For a recap and photos from 2010 ... go here ... amazing how much the kids have changed in a year!

Here are some photos and a recap of our 2011 adventure ...

Squeaker's first camping trip!!! She is so chill.

The Peanut and her BFF Lil REI "help" us blow up the air mattress.
(FYI first time we've ever used an air mattress when camping)

ALL the little people helping me set up our tent!

The kids love to "help." Here they are "helping" the Dem family building their tent.

This two-some was inseparable the entire time.

How many kids can we fit on this scary rock?
(FYI I was dying inside each time one or more climbed on here)

Aerial view of our crazy campsite!

Vans was given the job of "appetizers" which he handled nicely.

Another new baby was added to our growing group!
Lil Baby Dem! (as in Democrat).

Mr. REI brought this cool toy which had the kids (and adults) entertained for hours!

Squeaker was enjoying it all as well.

Dude! It is marsh mellow time! Giant marsh mellows too!

Want some Vans?

They were quiet for a few minutes while stuffing their faces with sugar.

Then it was dark and time for headlamps!

Peanut in her sleeping bag ready for bed!

The view from our tent the next morning.

She was the ONLY one who had a great night sleep ... and she looks like it too.

From how many on a rock to how many in a hammock?

Cute father/daughter moment.

Off to the lake! Jersey Girl's family brought a canoe!

Which really excited the Peanut! Her first ever boat ride!

Beautiful Donner Lake!

Squeaker and I watched from the shore.

Overall it was a great trip as usual. Squeaker slept wonderfully as did the Peanut despite going to bed a bit late because she was laying there listening to all the adults have "fun" while she was told to go to bed. 

We packed up from our time at the lake and hurried home to get ready to celebrate Poppa's birthday! The Peanut made him a card and was super excited to give it to him. 

We also were excited to welcome Debbie the Great Aunt from Idaho! She came down to visit for Poppa's birthday, see our new home and of course Squeaker and visit with the family.

She is probably my biggest fan in terms of reading this blog and reminds me when I have not posted or updated in a while. She keeps me and this blog moving! This is for you Debbie!

Um, it is really hard to get 3 kids to stay still. 

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