Friday, September 9, 2011


I have probably used that title for various posts because that word comes into play a lot in our lives. We are definitely the "Stubborn Family."

First Squeaker is being stubborn. After taking the bottle initially after she was born, she has started refusing it. Completely. She will go five plus hours without taking it and will scream for an hour fighting it. Eventually she has taken the bottle at some point but in increments. This "stubbornness" is stressing me out because she starts daycare in about a month. We are not making any headway here either. I have purchased numerous bottle types and I have even purchased a warmer! The Peanut got her milk cold out of the fridge and never once complained ... so this refusal is something very new to us. The girl is stellar in every way ... minus this one tiny (albeit important) detail ... she's too attached to me. Literally.

But she is so darn cute!

Second the scale is being stubborn. I am currently back to what I was at my first prenatal appointment ... but quite a bit away from where I was and need to be. This is one area of my life where I can practice patience. I know the scale will budge eventually and my diet could use improvement (um, just discovered gluten free cake balls ... such an addiction) but I do have some work attire that I need to fit into in about a month. I guess I need to put down these cake balls huh?

Third I am being stubborn in not wanting to leave the house because Squeaker is being stubborn (see item number 1 above). Last night I was presented with an opportunity to go running with some friends over at Cavitt. I was going to say no and just do my usual run around the house so that I could be home early enough to feed Squeaker and rescue Vans. Well, Vans didn't force me to go but he strongly encouraged me to go and meet my friends even though he knew I would be gone up to 2 hours. So I met my friend Biceps and her friend at Cavitt Junior High and we ran 6 miles on the trails. They were good miles too. I ran all the hills up and down and never walked once. I felt good and strong. I am glad that I went and when I returned home, Vans told me that Squeaker did scream for about 15 minutes and then passed out and basically waited until I got home. That works. It did screw up our usual easy bedtime routine but hey, no complaints.

The Peanut is naturally stubborn. She is 3 after all. 

Fourth ... again this points to me (hmmm) I am racing the Buffalo Chips Stampede this weekend. It is a 10 mile race. I love having a blog because I can look back to 2010 and see how I did ... (go here to see it). However, in 2010 I didn't have a new born and I lived a half mile from the start. 2011 I will have a 13 week old who wakes at night to eat, we now live about 30 minutes from the start and I have to get Vans, Squeaker AND the Peanut ready to go ... oh how times have changed. I must practice patience this Sunday. This run/race needs to be purely a training run for me. I have not done 10 miles on pavement yet. Clearly I am way behind my CIM training plan (which has me doing 12). I am hoping that my hilly runs here at the house will make me strong enough to manage the 10 flat miles of the Buffalo Chip Stampede. We shall see. I just want to pace myself well and not start out too fast like I normally do. The Peanut is excited as well because there is kids half mile race immediately following my race ... she's pumped and ready to go!

The girl is always ... it.

So we have a lot going on this weekend and have had a lot going on this past week. I am still feeling fine minus the wine glass that I accidentally impaled into the palm of my hand on Tuesday morning. Ouch that really hurts and has prevented me from doing my weight training exercises. No I wasn't drinking early Tuesday morning, just doing the dishes.

The Peanut was home sick all week with a bad cough, cold/sore throat combo. I let her get away with a lot of tv watching but really, she just slept ... that is how you know she's really sick because that girl never sleeps. Today she is happily back at school though.

I managed some sprints at the track this past Tuesday. Body feels slow but overall I am feeling more like myself.

I think things are slowly coming back together for us although I am waiting for my third "issue" to happen. I have had two major things happen lately and you know they always come in threes ... first my 911 scare, then the wine glass I had to pull out of my palm ... what next? Wait. Don't answer that.


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