Friday, July 2, 2010


I promised a race report of the Pacific Crest Half Marathon that I ran last Saturday with my friend and fellow blogger Mommy On The Run (aka Mommy D). So here it is . . .

This was the first "road" race I have done in a long time even though technically it was on a bike trail and not really a road. Still, it was in Sunriver Oregon which is absolutely a beautiful place. Mommy D and her family drove down from Canada while Vans, the Peanut and I drove up from Sacramento. We met in Sunriver. Actually, we found each other at the race expo on Friday afternoon, how's that for timing?!

The Pacific Crest Weekend Sports Festival is exactly that . . . an entire weekend of events such as a Long Course Triathlon, Endurance Duathlon, Marathon, Half Marathon, Olympic Triathlon, 5K/10K, Kids' Triathlon and a Kids' Dash. That's a heck of a lot of events for a 3 day weekend! I have to say however, with THAT many events, which brought thousands of people to such a small area, this was the most organized and well put together race that I have EVER done. Packet pickup was so unbelievably organized. The race offered water/electrolytes, gels AND porta potties AT EVERY MILE!!! Rarely do you get that service at every single mile in a race. The volunteers were amazing. The course was extremely well marked for every single event! Race shirts and race medals were provided and as far as I know, no one was left without. Vans and Mommy D's husband both ran the 5K on Sunday which made handing off the kids to each other a lot easier.

The race was uneventful for me. Due to the small confines of a bike trail, it took me about 4 miles until I reached an open space to extend my stride a bit. Needless to say, this wasn't about to be a PR for me but that is good to know if we ever do it again . . . push your way to the starting line to get a decent spot. Mommy D and I run at different paces and after the first mile I never saw her until she came cruising into the finish line.

Overall the course was full of tiny rolling hills, not much different from the bike trail in Sacramento. There was that little thing called being 4,000 feet above sea level but oddly, for me, I didn't notice a difference. The other runners running near me were constantly talking about how hard the altitude was for them . . . not so for me, weird. At one point, around miles 10 or 11 we entered an open stretch with absolutely NO shade. That was brutal. It was also a marshy swamp area so you got a few mouthfuls of knats that were clustered in various places (ick). The finish shoot was pretty cool, you came up out of a tunnel and down a stretch that was just peppered with people cheering for you. Since events are going on all day long at various times, there was always a constant stream of people cheering. It was awesome. I heard my name announced over the loud speaker (and they actually pronouced it correctly for once) and I saw Vans and the Peanut off to the side. They had seen me cross (just barely apparently). I was done and I was happy about it. The last few miles my tummy started rejecting the water I was taking at the aid-stations. At mile 9 I took a Gu hoping it might settle the uneasy feeling I had . . . it did, for about a mile.

Needless to say, the race was fun. I enjoyed myself and would do it again. I was not the least bit sore the next day. All my previous injuries were a nonissue on this run. Mommy D however was walking down the stairs backwards on Sunday but she did awesome! She didn't get her PR but I have a feeling she'd do this race again. Really, the best part was doing this event and enjoying the weekend with some good friends.

A recycled picture . . . it is the only one I have!

Yesterday, was the first time I have run since the half. I met up with my old buddy Pigeon. We decided to change things up a bit and met at Rio Americano High School (Van's old alma mater) and run the bike trail. I have not seen Pigeon in a long time so we had a lot of catching up to do.

We had decided on running 8 miles. What we had not decided on is how to handle the heat! Oh my was it hot out and I was sans hat and apparently slightly dehydrated before I even started! I realized this after we had started running as I was beginning to shiver at random spots. I brought my water with me but nothing else. I am sorry to report that I had to stop and use the porta potty twice on this run. What is up with that? I guess I was still used to Sunriver's much cooler temperatures! Ouch. Last night was brutal. I came home still shivering and downed an electrolyte drink and instantly felt better.

Still, the run was not without the typical Pigeon/trailmomma drama. I saw two GIANT turkeys off to the side of the trail and had such cotton mouth I could not scream my usual scream and instead huffed and puffed and slurred some words. Pigeon got a kick out of that.

On our return, "something" rattled in the bushes (most likely a squirrel) but it made Pigeon jump and contort her body so much I had to laugh and was worried she might have thrown her back out! She's running the Tahoe Rim Trail 50K in about 3 weeks. I am so incredibly excited for her. She's put in the training and I know will do great.

While I was out dehydrating myself, Vans and the Peanut were doing the opposite . . .

Mmm, jamba juice

Then some grocery shopping . . .

Beep beep!
Some how a swim noodle ended up in the cart!

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