Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Time is a funny thing. I am not talking about racing or running time. Instead, I am talking about that (sometimes fearful) man, father-time. Recently I brought an old VHS tape (for you young people, this came before DVDs) to Costco because they will transfer your VHS and 8mm (young people, don't even bother asking) tapes onto DVDs.

Once upon a time, in August of 2001, Vans and I were merely dating. We had been dating for approximately 7 months. He was about to turn 29 and I decided to surprise him with a "getaway" which involved whisking him away without telling him where he was going. He trusted me that much (or else he was that crazy back then). He let me help him pack his bag. He thought he thought he was going on a road trip so he even gathered a bunch of CDs together. Little did he know that road trip was really to the airport and then eventually to New Jersey to meet my entire family. I am a little surprised he didn't dump me when I brought him back to California! It was his first taste of New Jersey and his first taste of my ENTIRE family all in the span of a few days. Intimidating no? He handled it well and to my great pleasure, let me document every step of the way on video!

So this week I have been watching said video. I was 24, so almost 9 years ago. Um, wow. Weight gain aside it is amazing to look back at yourself on video and see just how much time has changed you. Quite depressing and amusing. Between Van's crazy crew cut and my cut off jeans (um, were they even "fashionable" in 2001?) I realized that a lot of what my mother told me was true! The sun DOES damage your skin and man, I had nice natural hair why oh why did I go and have it colored and treated! These are of course things I will tell the Peanut to prevent her from baking her precious skin or dying her lovely locks. Of course they will probably fall on deaf ears just like momma. Maybe I'll sit her down and show her this video some day and say "see! That's what I am talking about!" Regardless, I look at myself back then and I do realize I am a stronger runner now despite being quite a few pounds heavier. I see Vans and the early stages of a blossoming romance and find it cute and realize how lucky I have been in my life.

There are also moments where I also find it sad. This video was taken less than a month before 9/11 happened. Some of it was shot in the Sacramento and Newark airports and the difference in time in regards to security is evident. Still, despite time having passed and people having aged, I find it endearing. I am still having fun with my best friend and now I have a little Peanut to share in the adventures.

I ran six miles all by myself last night thinking about this video. I remember that when this video was shot, six miles was considered my "long-ish run" and that I only ran it about once a week. My how times have changed in that regard. Today I ran at lunch time (3.5 miles) something I never was able to do in 2001 based on where I worked.

Also in 2001 I never would have thought that this little girl would become my whole world. Time, is a good thing sometimes.

Loading the car for a road trip . . .

Excited for the family adventure.

Taking a seat on the Sierra Nevada.


  1. I don't have any video but the pictures from previous times always throw me for a loop. It's like, "what was I thinking?" I don't like hearing my own voice, I guess that's why I never do videos. ;)

  2. It's amazing what we dared to wear in our younger years. When my adult kids see what we wore in the 80's they just shake their heads. I tell 'em the 80s was a bad hair/clothes decade and is best forgotten. LOL

    I bet your video is great. I should think about transfering some of our old home videos to DVD.