Monday, July 26, 2010


Yesterday was a first for so many in the trailmomma family!

First, I went and did an 8 mile run in the morning which is usually unheard of for me on a Sunday due to Van's mountain biking and often my long runs on Saturday. I usually take Sundays easy but I had the time and I felt good and so I ventured out my door and did 8 in a fairly decent amount of time.

I forgot my camera and therefore do not have any JCPenny photos to show you. Next time, I promise.

After my run and a shower Vans and I headed out to our local Borders. There was going to be a book signing by a real Hollywood celebrity! I've been to many book signings but usually for authors that are just ho-hum amazing authors but not with your "oh my gosh its her!" kind of atmosphere. Yesterday was definitely an "OH MY GOSH!" kind of day for all those standing in the hot sun outside Borders Sacramento. FYI, there were about 700 people standing outside waiting for this celebrity author to arrive.

I have actually read the author's second of three books (as a gift from my hubby for mother's day) and I have watched her reality show a few times and I even watched the show that was her "claim to fame" back in the day. However, I think I could have gone through life not standing in line for 4 hours to "meet" her. I stood there however for Vans (yes, I am an awesome wife). As odd as this may sound to some, this celebrity was/is Van's old high school crush. Depending on your opinions, this is either an insult or a compliment to me as his "reality" wife but whatever. I am all for supporting my hubby see the crush of his dreams (like he ever had a chance anyway!).

The Peanut did not stand with us the entire time but eventually after her nap, Vans brought her to Borders and she stood in line with us. Everyone was smitten with her INCLUDING the celebrity signing the books. If Vans had played his cards right, he could have just had the Peanut and himself in a photo and really impressed the celebrity! Too late.

Security was tight and the celebrity was running behind (she had a plane to catch) and therefore by the time we reached her it was a quick "hello" and "OH MY she's cute" (celebrity referring to the Peanut) and then her and I had a brief chat about gluten free foods (she and her husband eat gluten free . . . take THAT Extra! and!) and poof the time was over.

Vans had wanted a solo photo op with the celebrity but unfortunately time did not allow. She signed one book to myself and the Peanut and her newest book was made out to Vans (not that he even cares about the book).

Instead he's stuck with the following photo which I happen to think is pretty darn nice. He should be looking at this thinking "here are all my dream women in one photo!" Right honey!?

For the celebrity hounds out there, Tori was really really nice. She spent a TON of time with the people in line signing, chatting and taking photographs. She was super sweet. Unfortuantely, she had a plane to catch but she refused to leave until every authograph was signed. That's pretty darn cool. Rumor has (via Twitter) that she barely made her plane in Sacramento.

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  1. I've always kinda liked Tori. Fun that you got to see her in person!