Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Mondays are always tough (duh, they're Mondays). What I mean is, on Mondays Vans plays soccer. Depending on his game time is whether or not I can run after work. I did wake up at 5:30 am yesterday morning with good intentions of running but realized after Saturday's 14 and Sunday's 8, my legs were T-I-R-E-D. I crawled back into bed and decided I'd do an easy run later that day.

After work I picked up the Peanut and headed home. She was inbetween a moody cranky yet adorable phase which often comes around 5 pm. She took one look at me in my running clothes and said "You no run! Mommy no run" and the proceeded to give me a hug. Ugh, how do you compete with that!?

Luckily her mood changed by the time Vans got home. While he was changing out of his work clothes, I expressed to the Peanut that I was only going for a short run and that I would actually meet her at the park with Daddy! She seemed to understand and was okay with that.

I grabbed my camera with the intention of taking some self JCPenny poses on my run (how? I don't know) but then the Peanut crawled into my lap and wanted to pose with me. Perfect. Although she doesn't quite understand "JCPENNY POSE" talk, she does listen when I tell her what to do in each photo! 

 Look at the camera! Cheese!

Tongues out! Blaaaaah

Kiss the camera. Okay, kiss me instead!

It was here that the Peanut grabbed the camera and tried to do her own self portrait. She still needs to work on this!

Giant Peanut! :-)

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