Thursday, July 15, 2010


Today I am meeting Pigeon for our final run together before she ventures off to conquer the Tahoe Rim Trail 50K this Saturday. I am excited for her. I am living vicariously through her because I did not sign up for Tahoe Rim nor have I put in enough miles to even consider running a 50K.

Today's adventure will start from Rio Americano but I am hoping to actually run there from my house, meet up with Pigeon, run a few miles with her and then run home. After all, she's tapering, I'm not. It isn't like I have any races scheduled but at the same time, living vicariously through her has also meant (apparently) that I am also eating as if I was running a 50K this weekend and I am so not.

I am looking forward to my run this afternoon, despite the heat and despite a bad back and quad pain that has plagued me all week. I've been reading Shut and Up and Run's recommendation "Breaking Stride" online throughout the day. It has motivated me to run which is what I need. I also need some motivation to become a better blogger.

I get emails from family members who read my blog religiously but who never comment and they tell me to keep blogging no matter what. So I do have more lurkers than actual commenters and that helps, even though deep down I know they are just checking in to see pictures of the Peanut. :-)

So without further adieu . . . the Peanut tried out her slip-n-slide skillz!

 Not so sure.

Why is this so wet?

I'll just run alongside my cousin instead! Whheee!

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  1. I am not so sure that I follow your blog to only see pictures etc. of the peanut. It is the only way I know of how you are doing and what is happening in your life. As a concerned aunt I am concerned about the pain you describe. But I love you.