Friday, July 30, 2010


I ran yesterday during my lunch hour. It was only 3 miles but it was darn hot out and so I sweat like I really ran 20. Good enough. It was a tempo-like run and those always make you feel better.

What doesn't make you feel better? Walking around the state fair for hours and hours and hours carrying a 32 lb toddler! Ugh, the old legs today are TIRED . . . but my biceps are slowly gaining some definition thanks to that 32lb loveable Peanut!

Tomorrow I am supposed to meet Pigeon for a nice 12 mile trail run at our usual spot near Cavitt Junior High. She's been having some back pain lately so the chances of her joining me are up in the air. If I was her, I'd rest because it sounds like she has some pinched nerve issues going on in there. Send good recovery vibes her way please.

I will leave you with some fun fair Peanut photos . . .

Baby REI & the Peanut rockin their sunglasses

Not quite tall enough yet


I wonder why she is afraid of birds? :-)

Monster the turtle, her friend


  1. Looks like you had fun, love the bird photo! See you Saturday.

  2. I had a bird like that, a couple of them. They're not scary, Peanut! Some of her looks crack me up. REI baby is pretty cute too. ;)