Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Last night Pigeon and I met up at Rio for our usual Tuesday night run. Six miles is our usual distance these days and that was fine by me. I had done 3 miles at 5:30 am yesterday morning and my stomach, for some reason or another, was not really feeling it Tuesday night, I couldn't miss out on this run however because Thursday I am not running at all. The trailmomma family is headed to the California State Fair. We're taking advantage of the cooler temperatures this week. Last year was brutal for the Peanut.

Back to our run . . . I arrived just slightly past 5:30 pm as the Peanut had another "don't run momma" moment. Ugh, it's hard, so hard. I  am only gone an hour at best but still, just breaks my heart. I am looking forward to tonight, I am not running and the Peanut and I will have some mother daughter bonding!

So after Vans arrived home, I grabbed my camera, water and hopped in my car. Pigeon was half asleep waiting for me. She's been putting in some crazy overnight hours at work lately. I honestly don't know how she does it.

We hit the dirt and she told me about her day. Her job is very physical too and she's barely been getting enough sleep and working like a mad woman and yet, she still was running strong. . . without her garmin I might add. She's taking some advice and just running without worrying about time or distance or pace. Good girl.

I, on the other hand, had to tell her about MY day . . . which was my stomach and how unsettled it has been all day. I warned her that a pit stop will be in our very near future. Sure enough, at our turn around spot I tossed my camera and water to Pigeon and hit the porta potty. While I was taking care of business, she decided to hijack my camera.

This is a road.

This is where trailmomma is.

This is my pointer finger!

I had a pretty good feeling she was doing all the above while I was "busy." It cracks me up every time though. I also told her I had "new plans" for our JCPenny photo shoots. I had decided "a purpose" was needed behind the poses instead of just weird random (hilarious) poses. Watch out Tyra we're working it!

Fresh outta the potty workin' a pose for my watch!

At the turn around I was going to practice my new plan but instead of listening to me, Pigeon decided to take matters into her own hands.

Look at the birds up in the tree! Hey, we're not birds!
(FYI that's a movie quote, 10 points for those who can guess it)

The fun ended there as I realized we needed to start our return because Vans and the Peanut were going to bike to Rio and meet us so Vans could deposit the Peanut with me and continue on for a solo bike ride. So back down the trail Pigeon and I went. 

We did make one pit stop though, at our normal watering hole (aka photo studio). Here, I finally explained to Pigeon my new idea about posing with a purpose . . . so very America's Next Top Model of me huh? 

Here is the outcome of that disaster adventure: 

Object: The Water Bottle

Object: The hat

My personal favorite...
Object: The shoes

What do you think? Does she sell it? Would you vote her off? Does Tyra need her number? Of course Pigeon would not let me get away without posing too.

Object: The Watch

Object: The Shorts (harder than you think, try it)

Object: The Sunglasses
(consequently, I also look like I am letting out gas, I am not, trust me)

Obviously I would not make round one of America's Next Top Model but perhaps I could be a Pennysaver model? 

In an effort to do a double pose, which seems to be a hit with many, we decided to set the camera on a bench and use the self timer. The angle was not exactly stellar but I think we managed the "fake laughing" pose quite well. 

Now we both look like we need a porta potty

Keep in mind, the real laughs started after the above photograph was taken. I can only imagine what the other people out running and biking thought of us. 

We rounded out our run with 6 miles total. I was happy to be done. Even though the weather was in the mid 80s (the best day ever) I was sweating like it was 105 outside. I realized, after I got home, that I had very little water today and a lot of caffeine. Doh, smooth move there trailmomma! 

When I got back to the car, Vans had texted me that he had only made it to the nearby park when the Peanut spotted the slide and swings and wanted out of the bike trailer immediately. They never made it to Rio. I can't say I blame her, playing at the park is so much more fun. She's a tomboy at heart (like her momma) but recently, we did have to "dress her up" and even though she refuses to wear dresses I was able to get a "dress like" top on her . . . with shorts underneath . . . ironically I pulled that same stunt on the first day of first grade . . . gotta love it.

So pretty!

Mmm, frozen yogurt
(she's so my child)


  1. You guys are killing me. Cheetah told me she likes the Peanuts dress.


  2. Love the photo shoot! not enough water and alot of caffeine!!!hmmm maybe that caused your stomach issues? Tyra called looking for you....See you Saturday

  3. Hey girl, just found your blog on Skinny Runner! It's great, good for you for being a momma and such a great athlete!

    Stop by One Fine Wire if you get a chance, I'd love to see you there!

    So nice to meet you!

  4. Hey there! I just found your blog on Skinny Runner. I also live in Northern CA near Auburn, it looks like you do some trail runs in the canyon and by Cool. I am doing the Blood, Sweat and Beers run in Auburn this Sunday. I am a little nervous, first trail run. I am definitely not as experienced of a runner as you are, but I would be interested if you did group runs or anything.


  5. skinny runner told me to come tell you that you are crazy, so, just following orders! :)

  6. You are as funny as you are nuts! I love that SR is introducing bloggers. Your peanut is so adorable! Your friend sounds like a ton of fun to run with! I am trying to work up running 5 miles without walking - CANNOT even imagine 50 on a TRAIL! I will live vicariously through you!

  7. Juggling Thoughts @ One Fine Wire: Hey thanks for stopping by and thanks for the kind words. I'll swing by your blog and check it out.

    Theresa: If you live near Auburn you're one lucky girl! :-) I love it up there and would live there in a second if work wasn't an issue. You should look up the Folsom Lake Trail Runner on they do a ton of runs up there. Also, I've done Blood Sweat and Beers too last year (I missed the sign up this year), you can check my archives in August of 2009 for a race recap. It is so much fun to run trails and run with a group (necessary too in that area). Shoot me an email and the next time we're up there running I will let you know.

    runningwithsass: awesome. thanks!

    Maxi Fortend: Thank you! You can totally do 50 miles. I strongly believe anyone can! Imagine it like hiking with a lot of stops for food! LOL keep running and you'll get there! Thank you so much for stopping by!