Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy New Year to everyone. Hope you had a wonderful day today. I know I did. I spent the entire day with my family (oh and the Christmas decorations are down and put away, double score).
Tomorrow is my long run in Cool with the training group. I can hardly wait. I love running up there and I don't even mind having to wake up extra early and driving a whole hour just to get there. It also rained all day today so I predict some muddy conditions tomorrow.
This whole weekend is revolving around running for my family. Vans is running a 5K on Sunday and the Peanut is doing her very first race. It is a 1/4 mile fun run where all participants receive a foam finger when they finish! How cool is that. I think they should give adults foam fingers instead of swanky race medals!
Sunday will mean that I will most likely be "cross training" which will really involve me carrying my Peanut for a 1/4 mile because she'll be too scared to run with all the other kidlets. Whatever. Still fun for all.
Today she had a little training run though. She's just like her momma! Enjoy video link below. I am a blog newbie and have no idea how I can post a video . . . any suggestions expert bloggers?



  1. Sorry, no advice from me but I sure did enjoy that video!
    I'm SO ready for a grandbaby. :)

  2. Man, she's cute. I miss that age. Hope the run went well!