Saturday, January 9, 2010


Yesterday I had a wonderful east coast day. It started with a morning workout on the hotel treadmill. I had the entire gym to myself. Although treadmill running is my least favorite activity, it was convenient.
Next I met this person for lunch:

Jersey Dad drove out from Jersey and met me for lunch (and a blurry picture). We had gluten free pizza!! It was so nice to see him. And then we went to one of my favorite east coast places:

That is right!!! Oh Dunkins how I miss thee!!! It even flurried big beautiful snow flakes for me yesterday while I sipped my coffee.
I miss the east coast so much sometimes. I love California with its awesome trails and great weather but there is something about the atmosphere of the east coast that is just so special. "fugetta bout it!!!" aahhhhh home sweet home.
I have been sending Vans and the Peanut play by play east coast pictures and in return Vans had been sending me Peanut pictures.
It seems that some "chin ups" were required after bath time last night:

She has great strength!!

Today's scheduled long run might have to be split up. I might have to do half on the road and half on the treadmill due to a scary snow covered trail I found that is forcing me to run the streets of Bethlehem. I am a chicken and this town is not very big so . . . . "fugetta bout it!"

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  1. I wish I was as strong as the Peanut. I can't do a chin up! :)