Sunday, January 3, 2010


What a day what a day!
Up bright and early and dressing an almost 2 year old not to mention getting a not so early rising 37 year old up outta bed really put this trailmomma to the test. We made it however with moments to spare. Not many moments mind you as I was racing with the Peanut to the kids 5 and under 1/4 mile fun run. The weather was moist and a bit chilly but not too bad. The Peanut was in awe of all around her the way she is at every race we take her to. This time however, she was a tad confused as to why she was standing where momma usually stands . . . not to mention there was a giant banana and broccoli right behind her that made her extremely nervous if not slightly confused.

But just like her momma the Peanut "focused" when she heard "ready set go" and surprisingly she took my hand and walked. No running. Walking. We were last behind another little girl who was also quite unsure. The banana turned to go back and watch the finishers but the broccoli walked with us the entire way cheering the Peanut on. Finally about half way into the race she turned to me and said "up momma!" So up she went onto my shoulders and away we went .  .  . picking off the kids in front of us. :-) All in all we were not last and the Peanut had a fantastic time!
Next up was Vans. He was doing the 5K race despite having the manflu earlier in the week. My awesome racing family, I am so proud. They blew the horn and Vans took off. It was a double loop so we got to see him pass a few times and cheer him on. Next thing we knew, he was headed towards the finish! Who IS this person? He finished with a new 5K PR and 3rd in his age group! Woot Woot! Again, look at my awesome running family! The Peanut had a blast, Vans has been on a little high all afternoon after checking his results multiple times on the computer.
I think the race photographers got some great shots of the Peanut and I crossing the finish. I will have to post those when I get them. Until then . . . enjoy some fuzzy iphone pics!

Each finisher gets a foam finger.

My racing family!


  1. i love how you are STILL competitive in a 1/4 mile race with under 5 year olds! hahaha! and i haven't seen you in FOREVER - super cute hair! :) although i was against the cutting, i love it! tell my girl peanut that i would be a bit freaked out with a broccoli and banana 20 times my size following me, too.

  2. So cool! I love it. I'd have been scared of the broccoli and banana, too! :D

  3. That is so awesome. I too love the competitiveness you and the Peanut had. Way to go girls!