Thursday, January 28, 2010


Last night was our Wednesday night group workout and boy what a workout it was! The rain stayed away so we were dry albeit a little cold hanging around the car, but that soon changed once we started. The plan of action was 2 mile warm up and then 4 by a mile repeats with a half mile recovery and oh yeah, a ginormous hill thrown in for "fun" at the end of that mile sprint. Sweeeeetttt!!!! Followed of course by a 2 mile cool down.

According to my GPS data I believe each of my mile splits were around 7 to 7:20 minute miles depending on whether I was running up that hill or down that hill. Although I admit my friend Garmin's technological difficulties rubbed off on me and my lap counting so I may be off on my times a bit there. No matter, my legs, bum and heart rate all felt it so I call it a success.

Captain Kirk and Coach (Blurry) Nikon set up a nice course for us to run complete with a "glowing stick" (Hawaii Mike's term which had me laughing all night) as our turn-around mile marker. The group pretty much stayed together which I think resulted in a nice bonding experience for all. The view of Lake Natoma was awesome along with an almost full moon. Garmin stated it made him feel very "Forrest-Gumpy" to run along the lake like that. Run Garmin Run!

Today's workout is supposed to be a 35 to 45 minute recovery run. I had great intentions of waking up at 5 am and hitting the pavement but with the Peanut not going to bed until after 10 pm and my legs feeling all jello like when I got out of bed I changed my mind. I'll do the workout tonight along with the Peanut in the BOB jogger because I cannot stand being away from her a third night in a row. The "missing momma" syndrome is starting to take its toll on her resulting in a "momma momma" cry fest at daycare drop off today. Oh the mommy guilt can be so heavy sometimes. It is the worst pain in the world I tell ya.

Missing momma last night.
Enough to break your heart.


  1. Wow, I made it into the blog multiple times this time! I had no intentions of getting up and running again, and I didn't! But hopefully a nice afternoon run will burn off some of this soreness. If you hang around me long enough, or just run next to me for too long, your Garmin will short out and start smoking, then fall into a puddle.

  2. Well Garmin, run near or around me and you're bound to get into my blog . . . or just say something I find incredibly funny. :-)

  3. I think you'll be seeing more 'glowing sticks' on future runs.....possibly on next weeks hill repeats, which no one will enjoy besides the sick and twisted!

    4 weeks till peak week! WTC is 6 weeks out.


  4. Sounds like some tough workouts you guys do... I can't wait to hear how they pay off at Cool! Being a daddy (also training for WTC) of a 19 month old I can feel your pain of being away from your daughter. Makes me want to leave work early to go be with mine :(

  5. Mike - Oh boy if we could leave work early life would be so much better. :-) Goodluck at WTC. My peanut is 21 months. If you bring yours to the Cool finish I am sure they will get into mischief and will forget the fact we're running!

  6. Mike, if you ever want to run our workouts to prepare for WTC your more than welcome to tag along.

    Coach Blurry Photo