Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Nothing too exciting to report really. Just some random musings that have been going through my head lately. I mean, I have the time to muse because the Peanut is on a sleep strike. Sunday night I got a total of two hours of sleep. Yup, that's right. I slept from 4 am to 6 am considering the Peant was awake from 11:30 pm to 4 am. She made it through daycare though the next day and lucky girl, got to take a 3.5 hour nap.
Musing #1: naptime should continue into adulthood and be required at your place of employment.

While awake at such crazy hours (last night she didn't go to bed until 10 pm and I promptly followed because I was exhausted from my big 2 hour sleep the night prior), I have been contemplating my pre-run eating situation. I have decided to start watching what I eat two days prior to my long run instead of 24 hours. Perhaps my digestion is slow and therefore I need longer to process the stuff causing me issues. Perhaps I should try something caloric but light like Ensure prior to running?
Musing #2: Stop eating crap on Thursdays and drink more water to help flush the system.

Yesterday we were notified that we are now in Phase 2 of our training plan. Moving on up (to the East Side)! It began with a workout we were to do on our own: Run 40 minutes and incorporate 5 fifteen minute pick ups. Since Vans had a late soccer game I was able to squeeze out that run after work however I only managed 35 minutes because 1. it was a raining, hard, 2. I was under time constraints and 3. my ankle has been giving me a little trouble since Saturday's run. Five less minutes obviously doesn't make a whole lot of difference so obviously my reason for stopping was because of item 1. Nothing scheduled for tonight which is good because I have to work tonight at my fun second job.
Musing #3: While perusing Phase 2's plan I think my heart stopped when I saw we have a 26 mile training run coming up. Yikes.

The Peanut is also working hard today. I am one of those moms who has spies. Today, my daycare spy texted me the following picture.

She's a smart cookie. She is starting to count. Yesterday on the drive home she was saying "two, two, fee!" She seems to forget the number one a lot but that's okay, her mother is mathmatically challenged too so I can't blame her.


  1. Maybe she wasn't counting, but taunting you... like she was trying to say "You want more than two hours of sleep? There will be a fee"? Just a thought. I also cut my run yesterday short by 5 mins, mainly because of the rain. I was still soggy from Saturday.

  2. Garmin you may have a point! :-) You're still soggy??!! The real question is, are you still blurry!? HA

  3. Wow 26 miles is not joke. Heck that's a marathon (practically).

  4. I stupidly put my sloppy, muddy shoes outside. So when it was time to put them back on, WET shoes. I actually just used the inserts, but still, WET. The rest of me is dry. And I wanted to keep my dry pair of shoes dry.

  5. Sleep deprivation is the worst and I'm totally with you on your Musing #1. Naps are definately needed in adulthood and jobs SHOULD require them. I've been asking for a cot in my office for years, but the boss just won't allocate the funds for it. Scrooge!

    I definitely think Garmin has the Peanut figured out on her counting tease in the car. Kids are pretty darn smart!!

    Get some sleep you'll need it for that 26 miler coming up - yikes!

  6. Hhhhmmmm, I see an nickname change in your future. Trailmomma is now: Sleepy Trailmomma or Ambien Runner, or maybe Trail Sleeper. Food for thought.

    Garmin, I see from above you are still afraid of rain and puddles, we gunna have to work on that Saturday.

    Pam I hope things change for you, I remember those sleepless days a few years ago, they hurt, but it is interesting. On the upside if you want to run a 100 miler you will know what to expect.

    Coach Blurry Photo (Nikon)

  7. I used to take a nap at work...everyday. I was studying non-stop for the CPA exam at the time and over lunch, I would shut the door to my office, turn off the lights, put my feet up and sleep. It would only be a 10 minute catnap, but it worked wonders. I had a blanket in my desk drawer too that I would cuddle in...all the comforts of home!