Thursday, January 7, 2010


Trailmomma has left town. I am currently on the east coast (or my coast) for a friend's wedding. Vans and the Peanut are not with me. Yes. I am staying in a hotel and traveling SOLO!! I miss my family so so much but as I sit here sipping a glass of Pinot Noir from the hotel bar, I realize I should have a peaceful and uninterrupted slumber in my nice queen size hotel bed. I should be thrilled right!? Then why does my heart ache just a little? I think this seperation will be good for Vans and Peanut. Both are capable of doing things without "momma." Yet, I miss them.
Not much I can do now. I am here until Sunday and Jersey Dad is making a special trip to meet me for lunch tomorrow. I am very excited to see him. Maybe I will get a picture of the infamous JD!!
Wednesday before I flew out I met my trail group for our Wednesday run. We did almost 7.5 miles with some tempo in the middle. My partner and I got too caught up in his wonderful news that we missed our second tempo set. Whoops!!
I am hitting the hotel treadmill tomorrow as they are calling for three inches of snow but Saturday's long run has been scoped out. Bethlehem PA, where I am right now, has the Sand Island bike path. If I can find it, I hear it is gorgeous. I have not done any snow or cold weather running in quite some time. This should be interesting. Especially since my friend's rehearsal dinner is Friday night.
But I have my Garmin, a hotel map and my phone should I get into any trouble.
I know most of my lurkers "tune in" for the Peanut pictures so I cannot dissapoint.

Having a good time with dad while momma is away.

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  1. Enjoy your time to yourself even though you will miss the little guys. We have to take it where and when we can get it.Hope you had a good run(s).

  2. Do enjoy your quiet time while you have it.
    Good luck on your long run. Let us know how it went! That way we'll know you found your way back :)
    Have fun and get dirty!