Friday, January 22, 2010


Yesterday was a scheduled cross training day. Normally I wuss out and do the ellipitcal even though some might consider it similar to running because it uses the same muscles and therefore NOT considered cross training. Whatever. I consider it a break from running because it is low impact on my joints which is what really bothers me when I run too much.
However, yesterday I branched out and by branching out I have left myself completely and totally in pain. Let me just say I can barely WALK today.

 Let me recap for you my "cross training" session yesterday . . .

Because I am full time working mom and wife with a dear dear husband who also likes to stay fit and workout, I need to find creative ways and times to fit my workouts in when they fall on my "non scheduled" running days. Yes, Vans and I have pre-set days during the week where we evenly iron out fitness times for us to get workouts in. Granted, HE is not running a 50 miler in April yet that still does not mean I get any more "me time" than he does. SO with that, I woke up at 5 am on Thursday morning and dragged myself into the garage and onto the ellipitical. I chose an easy 30 minute program without incline because I was honoring my body and the fact that these legs did some hill repeats the night prior.

Elliptical done. I was feeling good and I had some time to spare so what do I do? I whip out the old jump rope and pretended I was back in the 5th grade having a jump rope contest in my garage. I don't remember the jump rope hurting so much when it hit you though. Do you? I did however, manage to forget how great a cardio workout jumping rope can be! This of couse only jazzed me up more . . . on to my next moves . . . and consequently the moves that I think have now made it impossible for me to sit, stand and walk.

Plyometrics. Yup. For some reason, I thought those would be a good idea. So began a round of jumping squats, jumping lunges and mountain climbers. Hello? Did I not just run hills with these quads and hammies? What on EARTH was I thinking!? In the words of Homer . . . DOH! (yes I mean Simpson and not the Greek poet).

Which leads me to today, yes it is Friday, you know the typical day after the day you workout soreness or delayed onset muscle soreness if you want to get all fancy on me. Today I am shuffling. Today I am using the handicap stall. I haven't been this sore since I was a freshman in college and decided that doing the Buns of Steel VHS was a good idea before class. Holy mother . . . .

Well, tomorrow's run should definitely be interesting if I can't really climb over rocks let alone get out of my car without groaning like an old haggard woman (no offense to old women or haggard people intended).

Lucky me too . . . tonight is my night with the Peanut. I am hoping and praying she doesn't want to play hide and seek otherwise I may be hiding for a long, long time.

Sometimes I miss the days when
all she did was just lay there. (TWSS)


  1. Plyometrics a day after hill repeats, sweet you like pain A LOT. See you tomorrow with maybe a little Vitamin I on board?

    On the bright side where we are going will be better on your legs than the original plan. The 3 mile hill is not technical:)

    Coach Nikon

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  3. Oh my goodness, that is SO DAMN cute, the picture of your little girl. Aaaw!
    You don't want to run the Diablo 50 miler in April, eh? I will be doing the marathon again this year. ;)