Sunday, July 31, 2011


Just like my last post said, I took a week off from running and all cardio really (minus my spin class on Monday).  Instead I dug out my stability ball and I worked on core and some upper and lower body exercises. Nothing strenuous at all but it was nice to focus on my core for once. One thing you notice when you have a new baby is that a lot of photographs get taken ... consequently you notice how terrible your posture is when you see yourself in 103 photos. The hunched over look is really not appealing at.all. I am definitely guilty of having terrible posture and I have made a mental note to really work on that.

My week was fairly uneventful minus a dental appointment that had me so numb and sore I was happy I didn't have to do any cardio.

Thursday however was an exciting day. Vans got called into work and wasn't home (he is usually off every other Thursday while I am home on leave) so I was left with both the Peanut and Squeaker for the entire day. The last time this happened I made plans with Mrs. REI at their local splash park so the kids could play. This time, I tried to entertain on my own.

The first order of business was to visit Gold Bug Park up in Placerville. I had never been but I had done some research and figured it would be a neat place to bring the Peanut and it wasn't too far from home that Squeaker would have a fit in the car. The temps were also supposed to be 99 that day so what better activity than to go inside a really cold gold mine?

Where are we going mommy?


Yes they made adults wear hard hats so we don't bump our heads on the low rocky ceilings in the cave. They also give the adults an audio tour stick where you can listen to "a ghost" tell you all about the mine. I have to admit, the whole "ghost" thing didn't sit well with the Peanut ... at first.

but she had me to protect her

and of course Squeaker

The inside of the mine was quite cold which was great for us but not so much for Squeaker although she didn't seem to mind one bit. She didn't sleep one bit either though.

Can't go this way

The Peanut had a blast walking through the cave with its muddy wet floors but she had to hold my hand because she wasn't loving it THAT much.

touching the wet rocky walls

finally enjoying "the ghost" stick as it told us about the mine

The whole experience is not very long, especially at 3 year old speed (she didn't like listening to all of the audio tour, only parts). So we really did a speed tour of the gold mine.

run away baby!

The Peanut was also very disappointed that we did not find any gold however all was forgotten when she realized there was a resident puppy on the property AND that they sell "rock candy" in the gift shop. All was right with the world again.

After the Gold Mine the volunteer suggested we take a "short walk" up the "little hill" to the Stamp Mill to see what was going on there. Um, yeah short walk maybe but "little hill" it was not. I put Squeaker in the carrier and carried her on my chest while pushing the Peanut (all 30+ pounds of her) in the jogging stroller (aka BOB) up this enormous hill. So much for taking it easy this week huh?

Yet, the Stamp Mill was cool. We met Carter the resident Blacksmith and he gave us a little intro into what he was working on using horse shoes. The Peanut was a little shocked to find out that horses wear shoes!

look at the pretty rocks Mommy!

A chair just my size!

Look at me Mommy!

The Stamp Mill was small and another quick visit. The Peanut enjoyed walking around the shop though and looking at the strange little things. 

She also enjoyed this wheel that was placed randomly out front. She asked if she could check it out and who am I to say no. She was having fun.

However that was about it for Gold Bug Mine. Not much else to do or see. They have a nice picnic ground area and you can pan for gold but I could tell I was about the lose the interest of the Peanut and Squeaker was already squeaking away at me. It was time for stop number 2 on my planned agenda for the day.

We loaded into the car and drove up the freeway to The Fudge Factory Farm! Surprise! I was so excited to take the Peanut to the Fudge Factory Farm that I think I was more disappointed than she was to arrive there only to find out it was closed! Their ad had said they were open but alas they were not.

I also had two very hungry kids on my hands so I sort of disobeyed the rules and just plopped ourselves down for a picnic on the closed grounds of High Hill Ranch in Placerville.

just sitting and enjoying . . .

our own private pond.

We have been working with the Peanut on introducing new foods. She is the world's pickiest eater (as was I when I was a kid) so today's new food was cream cheese and jelly sandwiches!

not loving it but at least trying it

The kid doesn't even like peanut butter and jelly so doing any sort of picnic with her is a hard task in terms of what to pack. I figured she likes cream cheese and she kind of likes jelly so why not together? Apparently, not a big hit.

Squeaker didn't seem impressed either

Finally after our picnic lunch, I had one final stop in mind. Actually, this final stop came into play once I found out that the Fudge Factor Farm was closed.

Whistle Stop Yogurt, Placerville

The Peanut is always down for some frozen yogurt so I figured why not break up the drive home with a quick stop (they also had a restroom large enough to fit all three of us, aaaah).

Overall I would say the day was fun. It was some great bonding time with the girls and the Peanut enjoyed our little adventure. She is pretty easy going (minus the picky eating thing). I was definitely exhausted by the time we got home ... but I wasn't the only one ...

Mission accomplished

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