Friday, July 8, 2011


Today I woke up with the glorious idea that maybe I could go for a 3 mile run. Actually, I assumed I would be walking some if not most of the three miles but in my heart I really hoped that I would run more than I would walk.

After getting up at 4:30 a.m. with Squeaker I was up again at 6:30 with her briefly and decided there was no real point in going back to bed. I could not get the idea of running out of my head.

First post baby run pic

I was so optimistic that I was going to succeed in running that I took a typical blog self portrait!\

Even charged my Garmin!

The fact that my heart rate was 97 before I even started running should have been an indication of what my run would be like. I am definitely out of shape. I ran probably about a mile before my stomach started objecting big time. I remember I went through the same thing after the Peanut was born. I think my body needs to remember what to do and until it does, any future runs create havoc on my digestive system.

Part of my run is on dirt so it was nice to pretend that I was trail running even though I really wasn't. My three mile route goes through some very nice neighborhoods but it is mostly pavement. It is also fairly hilly.

Going down hill

this was a secret "hip shot" of one of the houses I run by

I pretty much walk/ran/walked the entire three miles (mostly walking). I even ran a little hill in one of the gated communities I run through.

gated community

I am not disappointed in my run because I know it has only been 3 weeks and 5 days since I gave birth to Squeaker. Next week is my post-partum doctor appointment. I am curious to see if I get the green light to do more activity or if my doctor will put the red light on what I am doing thus far.

I don't see how walking or running a little here and there is any different than taking care of an infant and a three year old all day. Neither activity has me "taking it easy" at all so I might as well run.

Today the Peanut, Squeaker and I went to our local library for a puppet show. Squeaker pretty much slept in the car seat while the Peanut climbed all over me like I was her own personal jungle gym. Later today all four of us went to the free concert in the park our local community puts on. They had a Tom Petty tribute band so I was eager to go even though I was completely exhausted.

My girls

Once again, the human jungle gym

For now I will take it easy. Jersey Dad and my step-mom come out tomorrow for an entire week which means that Vans and I will get a few nights out alone sans kids! Neither of us can barely wait. We already have a few movie ideas in mind and my dad and step-mom are beyond excited to have the girls to themselves. The Peanut is also excited to be spoiled rotten with presents and attention.

I am truly hoping I get the green light to do more activity since I'll have a live in helper during the week allowing me to escape 30 minutes here and there for a run or two. I also have a surprise activity happening on Monday morning ... so stay tuned as Trailmomma struggles to regain her fitness one day at a time.


  1. Nice run! It's hard to get started again for sure! A mile is great after just 3 weeks!

  2. Good for you ! I think the doc will say, "Go run like the wind".. I can't wait for the surprise!

  3. You look amazing! I hope I look that good when I have my own little squeakers! haa! Your run sounded like it went well, be proud of what you were able to do. 3 miles is still an accomplishment for sure!