Sunday, July 24, 2011


After my run on Wednesday, I basically took Thursday and Friday off from running. I would not say I was being lazy because I do have two kids to look after and I even managed some upper body work. However, on Thursday I was feeling extra tired. I think running combined with the heat and very little sleep and rest is starting to catch up to me as I wasn't feeling very well. Reality is setting in.

I told myself, I was saving myself for a run on Saturday morning. I wanted to try that five mile trail loop by my house again. However, when I woke up Saturday morning I could tell it was going to be a challenge. My stomach has not been feeling well lately and Saturday morning was no exception. I figured I would give it a shot anyways hoping things would work itself out while on my run. In short, they didn't and my five mile run turned into mostly a five mile walk. I decided (while on this long unexpected walk) that maybe I will take a week off from running. Even though my legs and lungs feel fine to run, something still not quite right since Squeaker arrived (who is 6 weeks today!). It might also just be a lack of quality sleep making my runs rough on my body too. I remember going through the same thing with the Peanut after she was born. Either way, this week long break will be tough because mentally, I need to run sometimes, even just for a moment to myself. It also throws a loop into my CIM training plan which technically starts next weekend. With the Peanut I had three to four months before I started training for the marathon, this time I am less than two months after delivery. I have no goals for CIM other than to finish it healthy and without hindering my milk supply. I need to just relax and let the training happen naturally. If I can manage the long runs down the road then I think I will be okay.

Like I said, I had a lot to think about on that forced five mile walk. Later in the day the four of us went to the State Fair. It is tradition for us and we generally go with the REI Family. This year was no exception other than we were crazy to go on a Saturday evening (we normally go on a week night evening). The fair was packed and it was hot (for the first few hours). Still, the Peanut and Little REI had a blast together and I got an additional work out in unexpectedly.

that is 30+ lbs on my back

The fair parking lot was full so we had to park really far away and walk (maybe 3/4 of a mile) to the fair ... carrying all of our things.

Squeaker came too!

The Peanut and Little REI had a blast running around and eating really terrible fried foods but that is what you do at the State Fair ... and of course ride some rides. This year, the girls were finally tall enough to ride the kiddie rides!

Driving the boat

Having a blast

They got to stay up really late too and watch the fireworks at the end. Overall, an exhausting day all around. Squeaker was awake most of the time at the fair as well and stayed awake when we got home...until after midnight! I was up with her most of the night which made waking up today, extremely painful.

Also today I was invited to attend Diane Cressey's Breakout Fitness TRX intro class. I've been researching and looking into the TRX workout system for a long time but could not figure out how to install it in our house. When presented with a chance to see how this system works, I was all over it ... even if it meant attending the class on little to no sleep AND six weeks post baby.

I basically stumbled out of bed this morning feeling awful and made my way to Breakout Fitness. The class was an hour long and not a full workout but a basic intro into how the system works and all the different moves we could do. Let me tell you, for not being a "real" workout ... I can barely sit here and type this my arms are screaming. We did some bicep and tricep moves that are really tough and I won't even go into how incredibly weak my core is right now and how difficult it was to do a suspended plank move. Ouch.

we did most of these moves or a variation

It was killer and of course made me come home and tell Vans "I want it!" ha ha He is used to my coming home and telling him I want this treadmill or this strange contraption ... he just usually rolls his eyes at me although this time, I think he would actually benefit and enjoy the TRX system ... if we could only figure out how to suspend it securely in our garage. . . hmmmmm.


  1. You're telling me that you didn't expect to end up having to carry the Peanut around the State Fair? I would've bet money on it! Haha

  2. I think you are doing really does take time after a baby to get your body back to regular...and the lack of sleep doesn't help! The fair looks fun!

  3. i happen to know someone who knows a thing or two about hanging things (securely) from the garage... should one of those systems find its way to your home and need installation... ;)

  4. 2 Children + 1 Diane Cressey + TRX system = 1 CIA torture technique. We'd have those terrorist talking in no time!
    You're the woman of steel! Go, get'em.