Friday, July 15, 2011


It has been an exciting and busy week. Jersey Dad and Jersey Step-Mom are out visiting (they leave tomorrow). It has been a week full of doing this and that and going here and there. Most importantly, it has been a week of spoiling for the Peanut and her mommy! I have been able to shower without two sets of eyes crying outside my shower for me to hurry up. I have been able to eat with two hands instead of one handed holding Squeaker and twice this week Vans and I have been able to get out of the house SANS kids! We saw one movie (Horrible Bosses, which is the funniest movie I have seen in a very long time) and the another night we went out for dinner that did not involve high chairs and bribery to finish your plate! Just what I needed.

We have also had fun outings together too. The Peanut especially being spoiled and treated to all sorts of fun!
Games with "Poppy" during lunch

Hot Dogs for lunch

Special laps to sit on whenever you want

The Peanut is really enjoying her time with Poppy and Gramie and I think they are really enjoying their time with her. Two weeks a year is just not enough sometimes but 3,000 miles is a long distance to cover.


getting better!

Of course we haven't gone out to eat every night but it has been nice to have family time together these past few days. Whether playing, swimming, eating or going for walks, everyone I think is a little exhausted come the end of the day.

quite flexible at this age

Squeaker has been spoiled lately too although not quite the same way. A few more arms to hold her and of course being dragged to all the restaurants, zoos, parks and stores will tire a newborn out.

sometimes she is tired

Overall I am sad to see this visit come to an end tomorrow. I know the Peanut will be sad too especially when she realizes she'll have to go back to summer school on Monday.

Other news this week includes my four week post-partum check up. I was given the "OK" to start running again although I have secretly been running a few miles here and there. I was given the official "OK" to swim too even though once again, I've been swimming a few times already.

As I eluded in my last post, I had a surprise Monday activity. When I was about 7 months pregnant I decided to sign up for a spin class through our local community service. It was special deal I could not pass up. Five one hour spin classes (once a week at 5:30 am) for only $35 total. Vans thought I was nuts knowing I'd only be four to six weeks post-baby depending on my delivery date. I, on the other hand, was being optimistic. I knew I would need a kick in the pants to really up my exercise and was truly hoping that I would be close to six weeks versus four weeks post baby. Well, I was four weeks and one day when Monday morning arrived. The class was pretty cool but also very difficult. I haven't been on a spin bike in a very long time. I sweat a lot though which is what I wanted but I also forgot that a spin bike SEAT is not very comfortable (um, especially after having a baby). Still, I survived the class and the extra ab workout they had afterwards. No one at home missed me (well, maybe Vans who actually had to be semi-awake and on alert for any waking kids).

However, the one activity my doctor did put the "red light" on was biking ... for at least two more weeks which is all that I have left in terms of my spin classes. I still plan on attending my spin classes but modifying it a bit so that I am not seated for very long. We'll see how that goes.

Tonight we are heading out to the concert in the park with the whole gang. Tomorrow we will have to say goodbye to Gramie and Poppy when they head back to New Jersey. That'll be a sad morning.

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