Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Today I got bored and decided to take Trailbaby with me to get my hair cut. I get bored with hair very easily. If you look back at all the random hair styles I've had over my lifetime ... you'll see I've had a lot.

I have spent the last two years growing out my hair and my hair color ... it was time for a change or rather a return to an old look. Some might say I look very "mom-like" now but I just like to think I look more Trailmomma-ish.

First the "before" look (keep in mind I am on diminished sleep here ... )

The front

The Back

Now the "AFTER" cut ...

The back


This is what women who have had children do when they come home realizing their clothes won't fit ... they cut their hair instead. :-)

Trailbaby was a gem the entire time in the salon too ... and I have come up with a nickname for her but am not quite ready to share. It came to me one day and seems to have stuck.

In other exciting news, the Peanut had a play date with her best friend from her old daycare. They were in heaven playing together again.

Best friends since 3 months old

two little monkeys

and one BIG fish! :-)


  1. Love the hair! Nice for summer and stylish! It's always nice to change things up :)

  2. Love the hairdew!! You look fabulous!