Sunday, June 26, 2011


The Peanut, although sometimes annoyed by her little sister ... is loving the gifts people bring. Luckily most of our friends/family have realized that when you bring a gift for the "new baby" it is equally important to provide something for the much annoyed big sister.

Yesterday we had our first pool party for friends and most of them arrived meeting Trailbaby for the first time and also brought presents. The Peanut is already enjoying the present she received.

She's always loved coloring but lately her artwork has progressed to a new level. Both Vans and I have no artistic ability what so ever so to see her creations is really impressive to us.

Here are some of her latest creations ...

She drew this all by herself (she's 3!)

This morning's project

My favorite: The Peanut "wrote" me a letter. She didn't tell me what it says but something tells me she has a lot to say about her little sister's arrival and my time being taken away.

Finally ... just because ... some recent photos of our two week old Trailbaby!

Suspiciously looks like a poop face no?

Just precious

Okay, this Trailmomma is off to take a walk! Wahooo for the small things!

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  1. Oh that letter is so endearing...because you know she spent a lot of time and put a lot of thought in to it :)