Friday, June 17, 2011


Trailbaby was born on Sunday afternoon and we both were home by 1:00 pm Monday. Talk about a quick turn around or being thrown out of the hospital. Life at home has been an adjustment. Trailbaby is the total opposite of the Peanut at this age. She hardly cries or fusses. Sleeps a ton (ahem, during the day) and eats and poops like a trooper. In fact, my only "complaint" if you will call it that is that if she is awake, she's eating. Constantly. The Peanut ate about every 3 hours or so ... not Trailbaby. The Peanut took 5 minutes to eat and was done. Not Trailbaby. This will eventually change as she gets older and isn't forever. I have to remind myself of this. She is after all, only five days old.

The Peanut is slowly adjusting too. She was super excited when Trailbaby was in my belly but now that she is here and taking away from her personal time with mommy ... she isn't handling it as well. She's still very admiring of her sister and mentions how cute she is daily but she also says things like "Mommy, I don't want to eat dinner" and when I ask her why, she says "because I don't want to get bigger. I want to be a little sister." Broke my heart. Everyone makes a big deal to her about being a "big sister" that I think she honestly feels pressure of sorts. Pressure for a three year old?!

Vans and I try really hard to have our time with the Peanut and keep any semblance of our old routine as much as we can but some nights it is hard. A newborn is unpredictable and honestly, boring to a three year old.

However, summer is here, finally. The weather is warm enough to swim in our pool. The Peanut's swim lessons are over and it is so amazing to watch what she has learned. Last summer the girl would not go knee deep in water let alone put her face in and now, she's swimming under the water and diving for rings! I absolutely beam with pride watching her.

snack before pool time

So we're all adjusting in this house. Summer and my maternity leave has just begun. I look forward to regaining my fitness. I have lofty goals of going for a walk outside some time next week depending on how I feel. Oddly, recovery after #2 is much harder for me than #1. After the Peanut I was up and about rather quickly. For some reason (maybe age) I am moving a bit slower after Trailbaby.

Coach Nikon also thinks Trailbaby needs a better nickname for the blog. The Peanut was named the Peanut since I found out I was pregnant with her. She's always just been the Peanut. Trailbaby was called K2 while in my belly (or squirmy) but Coach Nikon thinks Trailbaby needs a Peanut like nickname. What do you all think? Should she remain Trailbaby until something natural comes along or should I go searching for that perfect nickname?

Just chillin

3 years old vs 3 days old

The Peanut holding her sister for the first time


  1. nickname....
    'one with long name that stays up all night' or maybe 'chilly' since she likes to chill a lot:)

  2. Congratulations!!! They are both so lovely :)

  3. I like the 3yr old and 3 day old pic. I think Trailbaby will need a new nickname, but I say wait until something strikes you....

  4. A nickname should fit the person, so I'd hold off on one, although Chilly is cute. Love the last pic of your girls!

  5. Pumpkin.
    My daughter started off as Pumpkin Head. Shortly went to Pumpkin, then Punkin, then Punkie and finally a very short-lived Punk! She hated Punk (can't say I blame her). At 24 years old, I still call her Punkie. She loves it. :)

  6. The first weeks are so hard! I don't envy you but just remember they are only that small for such a short have to savor every moment because before you know it they are 3 diving for rings! I think Trailbaby is a great nickname!!

  7. in keeping with the 'nut' theme, perhaps, "cashew"?

  8. CONGRATS!!!! You know I've been MIA on the blog world and today I thought I need to go see how Trailmomma is doing and low and behold look what's happened! I'm so excited for you!

    Nicknames need to come to you naturally. With my first, she was Poohter Pie, the 2nd, like JoLynn's, was Punpkin Head! I still call me oldest Poohter at times, but mostly butthead (LOL).

    Give it time, she'll earn her nickname when it's time. For now, Trailbaby works.

    Congrats to you, again. Now it's time for me to update my blogs - yikes.

  9. Congrats, Pam! She is gorgeous! I love the picture of her and Peanut on the floor :) Take care of yourself and enjoy those cutie pies!

  10. Love them - I still say Minivan for a nickname!