Friday, June 24, 2011


Time has been flying by lately. Trailbaby will be two weeks on Sunday. Everything is going very well although next week Van's returns to work and it will be Trailbaby and myself all alone in the house. The Peanut goes to summer school 3 days a week so it will be up to Trailbaby and myself to pick her up each day.

The Peanut is still struggling with summer school. Basically she hates it and I cannot say I blame her. I even miss her old preschool but luckily this is just a temporary thing and she'll be back with her old friends come fall. We've been trying to get together for play dates with some of her old preschool friends which really makes the Peanut happy but also makes her sad at the same time.

Thursday when the Peanut was home Vans took her out for some daddy time aka do daddy errands yet make it sound like fun to a 3 year old.

The big task at hand was to fill Van's truck with "play ground bark" for the play structure we have in our back yard.

Success. Truck full of bark . . .

and smiles.

Of course the Peanut is too smart to just go pick up bark and not convince Vans to do something "fun" for her. So after a quick cupcake from a local gluten free bakery these two headed to a new park.
Where she picked "flowers"

Sold some "cupcakes"

And climbed like a monkey!

While Vans and the Peanut were off doing that, Trailbaby and I were off running errands of our own. Trailbaby is finally letting me have a few hours of sleep at night which is nice but she's also battling some tummy troubles right now which seem to keep her uncomfortable at times. It is hard being 12 days old I guess.

During the week we have had many adventures. Trailbaby and I ventured out on our first walk. Just a few blocks to mail some letters but it was nice to be out. I hope to be back walking and running within the next week or so.
Unlike her sister, Trailbaby seems to enjoy walks in the stroller


On Wednesday, the Peanut and I ventured out into the 102 heat to cheer Vans on during his final mountain bike race of the season. Trailbaby stayed home with Jersey Girl and succeeded in taking her first ever bottle! That means this momma gets a little more freedom! Sweet! Next week is Van's awards party. He took fourth place this year missing third by a small margin. He's bummed but he still maintains his perfect attendance having never missed a race in 3 years!

post bath

The final adventure this week was a bath for Trailbaby. I personally hate the first bath. It is shock to them. The water, no matter how warm, is cold to their fresh newborn skin and Trailbaby cried and cried which caused this momma to cry and cry. Vans is a trooper and handled the bath well. Afterwards, Trailbaby was content to be bundled up in momma's arms.

In terms of exercise ... I've been slowly working on some crunches and core exercises as well as some weights just to get some form of exercise in. I hope to be running sometime in the next two weeks. I will probably start out walking and then ease into running. Starting from scratch is so hard mentally as well as physically.

This Trailmomma is working her way back. Slowly but surely.

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  1. It's hard to get back in to running again. I started with a mile walk, and then went to 2 miles. And then just started slowly jogging when I could. It's almost like you have to find your body again, if that makes sense? Good for you doing some sit ups and weights! Hope Trailbaby's tummy feels better soon! (And you get some sleep!)