Thursday, June 9, 2011


No sign of Trailbaby yet so life is moving onward. The Peanut only attends the new "summer school" Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday which leaves Thursdays and Fridays home with me.

Today we had the pleasure of being invited to Fairy Tale Town with the REI Family and Scrapbook and her two lovely kids. Vans thought I was nuts traveling the 45 minutes to an hour downtown to Land Park to see them all with a 3 year old in tow. He was especially concerned since I am due any day now but life must go on and the Peanut would have been bored out of her mind staying home with me.

Besides, I thought seeing some familiar faces would brighten her day and it totally did. She had a blast. I also noticed (and Mr. REI counted) 20 other pregnant ladies all at Fairy Tale Town. Did I miss the memo? Was there some preggo convention I was supposed to attend? I have to say, I feel quite fine these days. No contractions, no nothing. The evenings get tough, things I think pile on and I am semi-useless to Vans but that's okay too, he is doing great taking up the slack. These other women however did not look so great. One woman I spoke with who is also due tomorrow looked down right miserable. Me? I was going down the Jack and the Bean Stalk slide with the Peanut. Okay, I only did that once since getting off the slide was challenging but overall I feel fine.

I am also happy to have these last few days with my Peanut. She is super excited and constantly rubs my belly telling the baby to come on out because she wants to meet it. We'll see how thing change once the baby does gets here or starts playing with the Peanut's toys but until then...we're just enjoying our time.

SUPER excited to hit the Jack and the Bean Stalk slide

Coming down the slide
(yes I fit in there)

Driving the tractor

A quick picnic lunch

A trip down the Yellow Brick Road
to see the Lion

The Tin Man

and the Scarecrow

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  1. Awwww. Precious pics. Yes. Enjoy the time you have with Peanut right now. Things may get a little chaotic when #2 comes, but hang in there. Trust me. You'll find your rhythm faster than you did the first time.