Thursday, December 24, 2009


Last night was my Wednesday running group meet up. We met at our usual location in Folsom and when I stepped out of my car I swear my nose hair froze. It was THAT cold. My nose hair has not frozen like that since I was living back in Jersey or when I was attempting to snowboard in Tahoe during a blizzard. Yup. Cold.
Normally I am not a big layering person. I used to be until I figured out the science behind running in cold weather. You should dress for a 20 degree difference. For example, if it is 30 degrees outside (this is what I felt last night was like) then dress as if it was 50 degrees. In 50 degree weather I don't normally wear two layers of long sleeves, a fleece beanie cap, gloves AND capri tights (heck I normally don't wear tights period unless it involves night time running - can't stand to be seen in tights). However the above attire is what I wore last night and by the time I finished I was drenched in sweat. Which quickly turned to cold shivering sweat because my running group always stands around stretches after a run. Brrrrr.
The run was good though. We started off with a warm up of 15 minutes, then ran a tempo pace for 25 minutes (12.5 minutes out, turned around for 12.5 minutes back) and then 15 minutes of cool down. The total ended up being 6.25 miles roughly. I like running where we run because there actual "hills" . . . really bumps but they get the glutes working which I don't normally experience running by my house. My bum really appreciates a good workout once in a while.
Last night I finished the run with Kirk, one of the coaches behind the program. He is super nice and easy going and really loves what he does. We had a nice talk about coaching and running and how my elipitcalizing isn't really a cross training workout but I don't have any other options right now. Oddly it felt like I've met him before and we've been friends for a while instead of just having met for the first time a week or so ago. I like everyone in my running group. I may not talk to everyone yet, or know all their names but so far I like what we've done and enjoy the conversations and stories.
My Peanut also has a few friends that she has made recently at daycare aka school as we call it at home. She has her partners in crime, one little girl in particular who she's been "friends" with since they both were 3 months old. I must say, it is adorable to watch a friendship blossom at such an early age. There is nothing like a really good friend to keep you smiling! Happy Holidays!

double trouble


  1. I have never heard the 20 degree rule. It does make sense though, as I read it.
    This morning I ran in 39 degrees. I wore silk underwear under my running outfit and on the return trip, I was a little overheated. I used to know it was wise to start off cold when going for a run.
    I'm still smitten (sp) about your little Peanut. ;)

  2. I ran with the FTRs on Wed night, and yup, it was cold. I was in 3 layers and never took off a single except my gloves.
    Love the partners in crime pic. LOL