Monday, December 21, 2009


"Ho Ho Ho" as my Peanut says! Boy did Santa come early in my house! I guess the best news of all was that I got chosen in the Way Too Cool 50K Lottery which means I am running my first 50K in March!!! I am so overly excited it is ridiculous. Vans thinks I am nuts as I was literally jumping on the bed when I got my email late last night. Yes. I was sort of waiting to see if I got notified . . . the drawing was supposed to be held at midnight but I got my notice at 11:00 pm (score!).

THEN I got to work today to discover that I won a Gu giveaway from Running and Rambling which is one of my FAVORITE blogs to read. He always has great product reviews too. Thank you Donald!!

In addition to all that greatness that is running related . . . I also ran 10 miles on the trails this weekend with my group and had an absolute blast! I can definitely feel that my ankle is weak but I am way more aware of it now and try hard not to do things that may roll it. Probably not ideal if I was trying to WIN a race but if I am just trying to run it and have fun . . . it isn't so bad. I still ran quickly and stayed with the front of the group. It was foggy but not rainy and the trails were muddy but not sticky. It was just FUN! Looking forward to next Saturday even though that means Christmas will officially be over. :(

On a not so happy note . . . I am going to the dentist today (I hate the dentist) AND my head cold is trying hard to get into my chest which is not exactly what I want happening right now.  However, I think the excitement that is the Cool lottery is over powering everything today and I seriously am wearing a perma-grin. Bring it Way Too Cool. Bring it!

                                            Two polar opposites joining together in a moment of peace.
                                                             Happy Holidays everyone!


  1. Congrats girl!

    Pam and I got in too. Wish I felt your excitement - I'm just plain petrified! I need to find your excitement. I mean, don't get me wrong, I am excited, just not jumping up and down on the bed excitement - LOL.

    I hate the dentist too - meditate!! Breathe, count to 10, breathe (that's my biggest problem, I hold my breathe - LOL)!

    Love the pic!

    See you in Cool!

  2. Congrats, Pam!!!! I'm so excited for you since this is something you've been striving to train for and accomplish. I'm very happy for you and sending happy running vibes your way!

  3. Congratulations. I know a few people that wanted to get in and didn't. Your little girl is TOO damn cute! ;)