Friday, December 11, 2009


My day has not been ideal . . . it started with a 2 am wake up call from the Peanut and has continued on with more bouts of tantrums, clinginess and well just too many tears. (Sigh) How can I love this age so much and detest it at the same time? She isn't even TWO yet. Oh yea and it is pouring outside AND I have a sore throat. Lovely.

Ah well, today is my birthday. I am officially 33. That does not however move me up in any race brackets that I am aware of although I think I am hitting the tailend of the 30 to 34 range now. Still, doesn't mean much when you're not super fast.

Last night I broke my own rule (aka a full week of rest) and jumped on the elliptical for only 30 minutes. I felt like I was climbing Mt. Everest. Man! The last 3 minutes of the workout my ankle actually started hurting. This is a first as it never hurts on the elliptical. I also broke my Doctor's orders by exercising with some swelling (ssssh don't tell him!). It was minimal and I think I might now have a permanently swollen ankle. At least it doesn't look like a cankle!

Tomorrow is my first run outside on the trails. It starts the beginning of my Way Too Cool 50K training plan through Fleet Feet Fair Oaks. Technically my birthdy present from Vans is the training program AND my tickets to see Bon Jovi in March. Can't really complain about that I suppose. Just wish the rain would stop, my sore throat would go away, my ankle would heal and my little Peanut would understand the concept of reasoning . . . is that too much to ask from a 19 month old? :-)


  1. Happy Birthday to you! I am also 33.

    19 months is a cute age and for me it just got better and easier the older Maya got. Have faith, she will understand reasoning soon!! She is adorable!

  2. Absolutely love the pic of Peanut! She is too cute.

    Take it easy out on the trails today as it's gonna be messy, and running on a swollen ankle - shame, shame!

    Have fun and don't push it!

    Happy birthday weekend to you!!!

  3. happy birthday, you old fart! uh, i mean, you young buck, you.