Monday, July 30, 2012


We're back!!!

Jersey Dad and Jersey Mom have been out visiting for a week. It was a wonderful week and I miss them both. The girls also miss them a lot.

We had a great week of fun including a trip to the theater! Jersey Mom, Peanut and I went to the Music Circus in downtown Sacramento to see The Little Mermaid! It was the most amazing play ever. I think the adults were more impressed than the kids. We arranged to have the Peanut's two young buddies join us (their moms too) and it was just adorable watching them all giggle and hug each other.

Three Best Friends

Isn't that photo just adorable? They are all four years old but they treat each other like they have known each other for twenty years. It melts my heart.

While the grandparents were here there was lots of spoiling, playing and laughter. It was so nice having them here.

Jersey Mom (aka Gramie) helping Squeaker with her shoes

(poor quality photo but you get the point)
Squeaker decided to wear her sisters underwear!

Jersey Dad (aka Poppy) and Jersey Mom (aka Gramie) helped in so many ways. They entertained the girls so I could get workouts in. I was able to cook some nice vegan meals in peace while they all played together or watched tv. They even allowed Vans and I to take an over night in Lake Tahoe!!!

That's right, for the first time in four and a half YEARS Vans and I had a night away from the girls!! We decided to head to South Lake Tahoe just for a night and stay at the Embassy Suites. It was wonderful. We of course missed the girls but we were awe struck how FAST one can pack up and get out the door WITHOUT kids in tow! Wherever we went ... it took us five minutes to get out the door.

Our first stop was a beach in South Shore ...

We just relaxed, read, swam and talked. It was nice. We eventually packed up and headed to the Embassy Suites. We choose that hotel chain because they have FREE Happy Hour from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm in their lobbies ... can't beat that!

Cactus Bites! Yum

Vans and I had a nice time in Tahoe. We danced all night long and stayed up way too late but we were able to sleep in later then we have in a very long time. Thank you Poppy and Gramie! Thank you so very much.

Their visit was very short but so wonderful. We might be seeing them again soon in November IN New Jersey (I really hope so) ... the girls love them dearly.

Other than their visit, I have been running here and there but not a lot. I have been focusing on building muscle and core strength and I have to say it is really working! I am really seeing some results with my new routine and my modified diet.

In other news, Squeaker is finally done nursing. Bittersweet but my crewing at Tahoe Rim really was the nail that ended it all since I wasn't home much that weekend. She's doing okay, as am I. Actually, I stumbled across a few photos that Van's took while I was crewing in Tahoe.




Helping Dad clean the office ...

That last picture made me laugh out loud. Squeaker doesn't look so sure about sharing the box with her big sister.

We are having a great summer so far and we have more adventures to come and more company coming to stay with us next month.

Despite all the bad things that have happened to us over the last year or so ... I have to say I feel lucky, blessed and over joyed with what I have in my life. Family is everything and I love mine.

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