Thursday, July 5, 2012


Happy belated Independence Day everyone!

I started the day off with a run with TiggerT. We met at the park and decided on what we thought was the shadiest route ... it was 8 am and already quite warm outside. I was not feeling 100% (still am not) and wasn't sure what the run would bring. Up until yesterday I've only been doing 2 and 3 miles here and there just to get my legs back from the marathon.

It involved a lot of walking. I am battling what I think is a sinus infection and my legs just feel extra tired lately. I actually struggled and decided mid-run that there will be no more running for me until Monday. I will take four solid days off (well, as solid as I can get watching two kids). Friday while the girls are at school I plan on just doing stuff around the house and forcing myself to take a nap. I need to catch up on sleep both from before, during and after the trip. Now that Squeaker has some antibiotics in her for her ear infections, her sleep is a little bit better.

Our Fourth of July was fun. Once I got home from my run, we never left the house. Never got into a car and did nothing but a little cleaning, some moving of furniture and playing with the girls. Once Squeaker went down for a nap, Vans, the Peanut and I headed up to the pool and swam. When Squeaker woke up, she joined us and we all had a blast.

Loving the water

Look at me!

What? We're done already?

The Peanut at one point took our camera and was going to town for at least an hour. We later discovered what she had been taking pictures of ...

Her feet


Her Toys

You get the idea. It was pretty hilarious going through the camera and seeing her photos. She had some nice shots and Vans was proud.

Later in the day we jumped over to Folsom (fireworks are illegal in our county) to Jersey Girl's annual block party jubilee. They usually have a bike parade for the kids, water toss game and just a giant cul de sac for the kids to play in. Very laid back and in the evening the neighborhood dads put on a little fireworks display. It was a fun evening. Thanks Jersey Girl & Folsom!

The Peanut lining up for her bike parade

There she goes

Trailmomma girls

This was AFTER she picked one up and it exploded all over her.
No longer a fan of water balloons.

Someone found cotton candy

Someone else found this
(she is in love with this car)

Her big sister loved "helping" her even more I think

Soon it was time for glow sticks and fireworks. Squeaker had never seen fireworks before and at first was unsure. She did however, love the glow sticks

Perhaps a little too much

I hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July

Trouble ahead?

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  1. Love the pics! Looks like a fun day! I love the bike parade.

    I hope you start feeling better soon!