Monday, July 16, 2012


It was actually a fairly quiet weekend for us. I am not complaining at all because sometimes a nice quiet weekend is what a person needs.

Friday was great because I was able to get in a nice 7 mile run on what I call the Ridge Loop. It is a combination of both road and trails but it is mostly up hill for the first four miles. I have decided my goal is to get better and better at this run by running all the hills and trying to improve my time. I've also been working on my running form a bit as well trying to focus on NOT striking my heal.

Friday evening the Trailmomma household did our usual Concert in the Park and the weather was perfect. TiggerT came out to join us and the Peanut ran her ragged the entire evening.

Saturday was the start of my latest new adventure. In an effort to tone down all the pounding on my ankle I signed up for a three month fitness class that involves a lot of core work, strengthening, TRX and some general conditioning. This is totally outside my element and something I admit I am terrible at. I have poor form, poor core strength and practically no upper body strength. This is definitely going to be a challenge for me. There is also a diet component to it. I am already a gluten free vegan but this program is having me focus on paying attention to portion sizes and eating slowly so that I can tell when I am full which is something I totally stink at doing. It is in my genes. Stuff your face like you'll never have food again. Whole foods all the way.

The Peanut and Squeaker had a nice weekend as well. The Peanut stole the camera yet again and took a few photos ...

Self Portraits

Some feet shots

Squeaker is walking about 80% of the time. When she needs to get some where fast she'll still crawl though. She did great on Saturday morning when I had to escape to my early class.

She is also into "high-fiving" people

Saturday evening was a pool party for the Peanut and Squeaker's daycare. The Peanut was very excited to wear one of her new dresses and I must say, I am very proud of her hair ... she calls it her "princess hair."


Princess Hair

Sunday was a great day because we went to our local farmer's market. We have yet to go this year whereas last year we'd go every Sunday. Squeaker was just chillin taking it all in.

Too cool for school

Vans buying some fruit

The Peanut doesn't eat a single ounce of fruit. Nothing. There is not one fruit that exists on this planet that she will consume but she the loves the farmer's market because they sell "treats" and she always finds a way to get one.

I have a treat!


Squeaker eventually clued in to what the Peanut was eating and wanted some too. Like a great big sister, the Peanut shared.

Squeaker had some cupcake too

Sunday evening we had a nice dinner at TiggerT's house (love having gluten free friends!) and at the same time, Vans and I realized we've totally lost our pool skills. Eight years and two kids ago, he and I were quite the pool sharks ... now we're terrible. TiggerT we want a rematch some day!

Today I took my first strength and conditioning class and I had to modify it a bit as I hurt my knee on Saturday (read: old age? klutzy?). It was nice though to work on some other muscles. I learned very quickly how weak my hips and core are right now ... it is going to be a hard three months.

Looking forward to the weekend ahead as Jersey Dad and my step-mom are coming for a visit. I know the girls are super excited and I am always excited to have them visit. I miss my Jersey family so much some times.


  1. Lovin' your lifestyle here! :) Hope the next three months go smoothly for you and that you build strength quickly.

    1. Thanks! The next three months will definitely be interesting! :)

  2. The girl's are getting so big...each time you show pictures I can see the differences!

    Hey thanks for the tata recommend...I broke down and got one and I really like it.